You’re a great parent, you love your kids and want them to grow to be strong, responsible adults. You do so many wonderful things to help them grow and thrive, but you wonder if there’s more you can do.

You’re a parent, but also a daughter or son, friend or sister. You want close and meaningful relationships, deep connections, but how do you find the time to nurture all the relationships in your busy life?

Every day the “to do” list grows and you slide into bed at night wondering if you’ve done enough to show those you love and care for – children, parents, siblings, friends – how much they mean to you. Have you shown them your support and gratitude?

Believe me when I say I’ve been in your shoes, and I want you to know that there’s a different way.

I know because I found some easy and fun ways to get out of all that worry and connect deeply with the people I love.

photo of workshop host, Melanie Vetter, seated, smiling into cameraHi, I’m Melanie Vetter

I’m a transformative writing coach and storyteller helping you connect with your children and the other special people in your life. You want your kids to be resilient, confident and kind and feel loved. You want your relationships with the people who matter to you to be close and connected. I help you write meaningful stories and letters to guide your kids and share love, gratitude and hopes and dreams with the people you care about, building deeper trust and connections and stronger relationships.

But I was not always a storyteller or a writing coach. And my journey was anything but straight.

I started my life as a first generation kid in a family of hard working immigrant parents. Education and effort allowed my parents to rise up and raise three children, send them to college and then graduate school. But there was fear, fear of not being financially safe, fear of not being accepted, fear of not fulfilling the American dream as they saw it – a respected career with public approval.

My parents and both my brother and sister worked hard and became professors of medicine, rising to the top of their respective academic fields. I had no interest in medicine, I was not interested in being in the public eye. I was creative, intuitive and so different than the rest of my family – I wanted to be a chef or an art historian or a theatrical make-up artist. But I loved and respected my parents and so, I applied and got into law school.

I worked hard as an attorney and then in finance, I was successful and my parents were proud. But I never felt I was being my authentic self. When I decided to start a family, I left the corporate world and started to embrace who I really was and am.

I needed to figure out what was meaningful to me so I could be my authentic self.

I stayed home with my three beautiful kids. They were and are my joy and I loved being with them, watching them grow and thrive. I would never trade the time I got to spend with them, but I also needed to engage and grow myself. I needed to figure out what brought meaning into my life – what I was meant to do.

My husband traveled five days a week, so I was home full time holding down the fort. But during all those crazy busy years at home, I never stopped learning and doing. I used my skills to raise funds for heart centered non-profits. I worked with immigrants and senior citizens. I started a non-profit that used the talents of young lawyers and accountants. They volunteered to fill out tax returns for low income folks and seniors so the clients got the tax refund that they were entitled to and needed.

When a larger non-profit took over the program for us, I created a community engagement program at my kids’ school, matching kids with volunteer opportunities that reflected each child’s values and personality. I knew that my grandparents arrived to the United States as refugees of war and persecution. I was driven to help others in similar situations. I started to feel I was finding my purpose and honoring who I believed I was and am.

Around this time, I decided to pursue some of my former dreams. I dove deep into learning about art and volunteered at the modern art museum in San Francisco. I loved helping the museum and learning about art lit me up, but it wasn’t my true calling. I enrolled in cooking classes and had a blast, but realized that being chef was no longer my dream. Two of my kids became involved in theater and I ran the theatrical make-up team for seven years! I loved doing these jobs, but they were no longer my purpose.

And then I found storytelling and sharing stories through letters.

When my eldest son was in 8th grade, his fantastic history teacher assigned the class  an oral history project, they were to interview a person who was engaged in World War Two. My son chose my father.

My dad escaped the Nazi’s with his parents, the majority of his family was not so fortunate. He arrived in this country as a teen and the minute he turned 18 my dad enlisted in the artillery and went back to fight in the Battle of the Bulge. When I was a kid, he would talk a little about his army experience, but rarely about the Holocaust – until Matt, my son, interviewed him.

I stood silent with my video camera as they talked for hours, I heard stories of horror and honor, violence and love, sadness and resilience. The impact on my son was intense with life long results. In his paper he reflected how he was inspired by his grandfather’s story to make every day count, to live his best possible life.  Each of my other children followed Matt and interviewed my dad when they were in 8th grade. Each asking different questions based on their interests. Each increasing their connection to our family’s story.

It was after the oral history project that a bell went off in my head. I’d always loved stories. My grandpa, my mom’s dad, was an amazing storyteller and he often used stories to teach us how to be good human beings. He told stories of loss and redemption, kindness and love, hard work and results. I realized that he was teaching me to be a good person, just like him. And he did this without lecturing.

I wondered about these stories and how they helped me and my kids. I wanted to share this amazing and simple way of guiding children with the world. And that’s how I came to found Wellfleet Circle. To help you share your stories to guide your children and deepen the connection between you and your kids and also your family and its history.

Why Wellfleet Circle?

Why Wellfleet? I spent every summer as a kid in this small town with my parents, and now my kids spend their summers in Wellfleet with their grandparents and our extended family.  To me, Wellfleet represents love and the circle of my family.

Over 60 percent of Wellfleet’s land area falls within the unspoiled Cape Cod National Seashore. Calm bays and long stretches of deserted white sand ocean beach bracket the town. Inland, woodlands filled with hawks, songbirds, deer and foxes surround crystal clear kettle ponds. It is a peaceful, beautiful environment, and when I’m there, walking on her shores, I find my best self.

I want you to find your own peaceful, beautiful environment within yourself and your family. I want to show you how to use your stories to help create that beautiful feeling of connection and gratitude that we all long for.

I want to share the power of story with you so you can deepen your connections and love.

Today I get to help amazing parents write great stories and share them with their kids and other special people in their lives. They share their wisdom, their family traditions, the lessons they have learned, what they admire about their kids and they share their LOVE. And I make the whole process fun and easy. When I read each letter they write, I am moved by the emotion and love and inspired by the stories of resilience, passion and gratitude. Each letter is a gift better than anything you could buy.

I love what I do and am so grateful that I am able to help my clients build the relationships they dream of with their kids and loved ones, and create the family and relationships they deeply desire. I want to share what I know with you.

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