Create Legacy Through Sharing Stories

Life is Story. Our lives may feel routine …yet buried in the details of each individual life is unique autobiographical material that has universal human interest. This is true of people at any age and from any background.”

– James E. Birren, Associate Director of the UCLA Center on Aging

Storytelling is powerful. Stories connect us and allow us to transmit the wisdom, lessons, and compassion we have gained in our lifetime. Our stories are essential to maintaining traditions.

Children who know their family’s stories are more resilient. In fact, “[t]he more children [know] about their family’s history, the stronger their sense of control over their lives, the higher their self-esteem and the more successfully they [believe] their families [function].*”

Your stories are a legacy only you can give, and it is never too soon to start writing and sharing your recollections. You need not be a professional writer or historian to create stories as a way to share your unique life experiences with those you love. Memoir does not have to mean a full life story with historical accuracy.

Through guided writing, you will be inspired to capture the essence of what you most want to share and be given the tools to write your own life stories. The process will be creative, fun and meaningful.

*The-Family-Stories-That-Bind-Us, NYTIMES, 03/17/2013/

“I enrolled with a small group of women entrepreneurs, and with Melanie’s guidance, support and encouragement, I felt safe and confident in my own voice. The group gelled magnificently as we explored themes from our pasts, events and people that I had not thought of in years. Her materials and thoughtful guidance helped my words literally flow off the page!

Melanie is creative and organized. Her materials are excellent and thought provoking and she is a generous teacher.

I can’t wait to continue the process. It is rewarding, fun, even cathartic. And how reassuring to know that some of my life’s memories are neatly “recorded”, not to be forgotten!” – Carolyn P.

Great Questions to Ask About Family Stories

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