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A family motto is your family’s mission statement.

Companies commonly define their goals with a mission statement, but families?

Yes, families can have a mission statement too!

Creating a mission statement helps your family identify your core values and set an intention of how you want your family to live and thrive.

A family motto distills your values into a short statement or collection of words. The words themselves matter, but your phrase doesn’t have to be unique. The time you spend together choosing the words, defining what the motto means to your family or what your motto looks like in action matters too.

In one of my favorite books, The Secrets of Happy Families, author Bruce Feiler describes how his family created their family motto: “May our first word be ADVENTURE and our last word be LOVE.” But they didn’t stop at the motto. The Feiler family continued the process, creating sayings that both represented all of the ten core values they had chosen and also spoke to the underlying message of their motto. Examples are: “We are travelers not tourists” and “We bring people together.”

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