Family Stories

Questions to Ask Your Loved Ones

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I am glad you are interested in learning more about your family.

Whether you are asking a grandparent about their life or learning why your family moved to the United States, these questions will help get you started.

In this Family Stories e-book, you’ll learn:

  • the top 5 questions I recommend asking 
  • a little about why asking these (and other questions) matters 
  • and suggest some of my favorite ideas for how to ask. 

PLUS, flip to the back of the e-book to find:

  • printable cards for those top 5 questions that you can cut out and use as conversation starters
  • 3 pages of additional question cards, for when you’re inspired to learn more
  • 1 page of blank question cards for adding your own questions

I hope you have fun asking questions and learning interesting facts and stories. I’d love to hear what you discovered. Email me back and let me know.

The stories we choose to tell, and the way we tell them, are such a powerful way to connect and learn from the generations who came before us.. 

I’d love to hear what you discovered! When you get my follow-up emails, hit reply and let me know.

Start asking questions to deepen your family connections!


Just complete the form below and I’ll send over your free e-book.

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