Letters to Guide Your Children

Supporting your children can be complicated.

You’re a great parent, you love your kids and want them to grow to be strong, responsible adults. You do so many wonderful things to help them grow and thrive, but you still worry about all of the outside influences.

There’s so much noise – Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and so much more. You feel like your kids are bombarded by social media telling them what to do and how to be. And, as they grow up, their friends and their opinions matter more and more. You feel like your voice is getting drowned out.

How do you get them to hear you so you can help them remain true to themselves and connected to what matters to your family? You want your kids to feel deeply connected to you, but you worry as they grow that connection is harder to maintain. Most of all, you want them to know that you love them for the person they are.

You want to help guide them while at the same time valuing who they are. You want them to trust you, trust you to listen, trust you to have their back. You want them to feel confident that they have your loving support whenever they need it, but you wonder if they know.

You model the values and traits you feel are important, but you worry that’s not enough. You want your children to understand what you are showing and telling them. You want your kids to be resilient, confident and kind – their own person, and grow into independent, capable and caring adults. You want to show them how, but you know lecturing won’t work. You want to break through all the noise. You could always write them a note, but you’re not sure what would you even say.

You want to help guide your children in a way that feels good for them and you.

You wonder, is there more you can do?

You wish for close and trusting relationships with your children. Your great desire is to guide them to grow into wonderful adults.

You’re ready to connect with your kids on a deeper level, to really show them what matters and have them hear and understand you. To have them feel your love and know you are there for them.

You desire to support them even when you aren’t right there with them. You want them to hear your voice and to feel seen, loved and encouraged.

You’re already doing so much to create connections and deep bonds with your children. What if you could do one simple thing to deepen your connection?

  • Imagine getting a letter from your parent explaining what they love about you.
  • Imagine writing a letter like that to your child for a birthday or as they head off to the first day of high school or graduate from college. Imagine sharing family history or wisdom to guide your child before a big job interview or to show them what you hope for them.
  • Imagine them reading that letter and feeling seen how they wish to be seen, being loved and supported by your words. And then imagine them reading that letter again when you’re not right there to support them, hearing your love and care when they need it most.

By sharing your wisdom, traditions, values and love through writing a letter from your heart, you’ll be able to deepen the bonds and connections with your children and give them the support they need. Letters from your heart are tangible objects that your child can return to again and again. And they will.

Let me show you how –


I’m a transformative writing coach helping parents like you connect with their kids. I help you write meaningful letters to guide your children, building integrity, deeper trust and stronger relationships.

When you’ve written your letter and given it to your beloved child, you will:

  • Know you’ve touched them with your words from your heart; that you shared what matters with your child and that they heard you and are grateful for your love.
  • Feel confidence in your skills using stories to connect with your child in a way that is joyful, fun and meaningful to them and creates happiness for you – knowing that you gave them a great gift of support.
  • Experience deeper connection and stronger bonds between you and your child.
  • Increase mutual respect and trust—growing closer each day.
  • Feel even more grateful for your child and who they are.

Your letter will be a hug from you that they can take with them wherever they are; they’ll feel your love and support every time they read your words.

From Heart to Paper – Letters to Guide Your Children Includes:

Letter-Writing Guide and Brainstorming Outline

Before we meet, you’ll receive my Deepening Connections with Legacy Letters eBook where you’ll see examples of letters and a template of how to write one, as well as storytelling tips.

You’ll also get a one page Brainstorming Outline with questions to help you think about what you want to say to your child and how you want them to feel when they read your letter. The Brainstorming Outline will take you through the eBook and ask you to answer some short questions that will enhance our one-to-one coaching sessions.

Clarity of Your Heart: One to One Coaching Session

This laser focused 50-minute coaching session will help you get crystal clear on what you want to say and how to say it to support your child. You’ll also learn storytelling skills to make your letter readable and impactful. Together we’ll create a draft of your letter using my easy to follow template.

Private coaching allows you to go deep quickly and figure out what it is you really want to say. Together we’ll explore why you’re writing to your child and how you want them to feel when they read your letter. We’ll brainstorm stories you want to use to show what you want to say.

By the end of your Clarity of Your Heart Session you’ll have the tools to turn your thoughts into a draft letter.

Write From Your Heart

Over the two weeks after your first coaching session, you’ll craft your letter using your outline and the stories you identified in your Clarity Session. Two days before your next coaching session you’ll share your draft letter with me and I will carefully review it and prepare detailed comments for you.

From Heart to Paper: One to One Coaching Session

Two weeks after our first session we’ll meet for another 50-minute personalized coaching session. You’ll get my detailed comments and suggestions to help you make your letter stronger. Together we’ll go over your letter and polish it into a gift that’s more valuable than anything you could buy.

After your Heart to Paper Session, you’ll have a beautiful gift for your child AND you’ll be able to confidently communicate values, family history, stories, hopes and dreams through letters from your heart to your kids at any time. And you can write to them over and over, with each letter adding stronger bonds and deeper connections, guidance, love and gratitude.

Are you ready to Deepen Connections and Support Your Child?

Here’s how to get started:

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Investment: $149


After you complete payment you’ll receive your Brainstorming Outline and the Deepening Connections with Legacy Letters eBook. Read through the eBook and Complete your Brainstorming Outline.


Schedule your Two Coaching Sessions. Once you have completed your Brainstorming Outline, you’ll receive a link to book your two coaching sessions.


Be ready to be inspired and to feel deep gratitude for your child.

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Here’s what clients say about working with me:

When I set out to write a letter to my 16 year old daughter, I had no idea the wonderful internal journey Melanie would take me on. Not only will writing the letter be a treasure for my daughter, but the experience has been a wonderful memory for me. Recollecting memories and soul-filing times spent and putting them to paper was a deep and connecting experience. Melanie knows how to guide you to the meaning of what your heart wants to express and helps you confidently find the words to the convey the emotions of your stories. I am so grateful for this experience and highly recommend time with Melanie for this amazing gift of Heart to Paper Letters!

Trish W.

Melanie helped my husband and me write letters for our daughter when she graduated from high school. We didn’t know where to begin, but Melanie expertly guided us with some prompts that helped us think deeply about what we wanted to convey to our daughter. She also suggested we ask our parents and other special elders in our lives to write letters too with advice on how to ask them. I never would have thought to do this, but what a treasure to have their wisdom imparted as our daughter transitions into adulthood! I wholeheartedly recommend Melanie. She is fantastic!
Bonnie K.

Melanie was just amazing and sensitively guided me through the art of writing a letter to my son for graduation from college. Her passion and belief in what she is doing was evident through the entire process. With Melanie’s support and encouragement and genuine caring, the process of writing felt so very satisfying. I look forward to more opportunities to work with Melanie again.  She really is a master!
Susan P.

Hi, I’m Melanie. I’m a transformative writing coach helping you use your stories to connect with and guide your children. You want your kids to be resilient, confident and kind. My passion is teaching and empowering you to write meaningful letters so you achieve these goals. Sharing love, wisdom, gratitude and hopes and dreams with your kids builds deeper connections and trust, stronger relationships and enhanced gratitude. I’ve had the honor to work with hundreds of wonderful people both in groups and one-to-one, and every Heart Letter I’ve read has touched me deeply. I can’t wait to see whose life you will touch.