Letters to Share Your Love and Gratitude

Write a Letter From Your Heart with my Support

Sharing your love, gratitude, hopes and dreams shouldn’t be hard

You’re a great friend, sister, brother, daughter, son, mentor or parent and you want to share the feelings in your heart for the people you care about. You worry that the people who matter don’t really know how you feel and you want them to know.

You have stories and wisdom, hopes, dreams, love and gratitude to share with someone special. But you struggle for a great way to tell them – a way that they will hear, and also feel, all your love and gratitude.

It’s easy to put off writing your deep thoughts and feelings. You’re busy. You worry about saying the right thing or how to say what you really feel. You mean to do it, but you just keep putting it off.

You’ve heard of gratitude letters and you wonder if that’s what you want to write.

You want to write one … but you just don’t know how or you can’t seem to get it done.

You want to share your love and gratitude in a way that feels good for your reader and you.

You wish for close and trusting relationships with your friends, parents, relatives and mentors. Your great desire is to let them know how you feel, that you love and admire them, that you appreciate what they do for you, and you want to share your gratitude.

You’re ready to connect with your special people on a deeper level, to really show them what matters and have them hear and understand you. To have them feel your love and know you are there for them.

You want to support them even when you aren’t right there with them. You want them to hear your voice and to feel seen, loved and encouraged.

You’re already doing so much to create connections and deep bonds with your friends, siblings, mentors, and other special people in your life. What if you could do one simple thing to deepen your connection?

  • Imagine getting a letter from a friend explaining what they love about you.
  • Imagine writing a letter like that to your friend or relative to show them what you admire about and hope for them. Imagine sharing your gratitude with a mentor or colleague who has helped you along your path, or an uncle who always sees you how you want to be seen. Or the friend who always has your back.
  • Imagine them reading that letter and feeling seen how they wish to be seen, being loved, honored and supported by your words. Imagine them having a down day and then reading your words and feeling uplifted.

By sharing your wisdom, traditions, values and love through writing a letter from your heart, you’ll be able to deepen the bonds and connections with the people who matter to you and give them the support they need. Letters from your heart are tangible objects that your reader can return to again and again. And they will.

Let me show you how –

I’m a transformative writing coach helping people like you connect with your special friends, mentors and family members. I help you write meaningful letters, using your stories, to share love, gratitude and hopes and dreams with the people you care about, building deeper connections and stronger relationships.

When you’ve written your letter and given it to your reader, you will:

  • Know you touched them with words from your heart; that you shared what matters with them and that they heard you and are grateful for your love.
  • Feel confidence in your skills using stories to connect with special people in a way that is joyful, fun and meaningful to them and creates happiness for you – knowing that you gave them a great gift.
  • Experience deeper connection and stronger bonds between you and someone you care about.
  • Express your gratitude for your relationships and the people you love.

Your letter will be a gift from you that they can read over and over; they’ll feel your love and support every time they read your words.

Your From Heart to Paper Package Includes:

Letter-Writing Guide and Brainstorming Outline

Before we meet, you’ll receive my Deepening Connections with Legacy Letters eBook where you’ll see examples of letters and a template of how to write one, as well as storytelling tips.

You’ll also get a one page Brainstorming Outline with questions to help you think about what you want to say to your recipient and how you want them to feel when they read your letter. The Brainstorming Outline will take you through the eBook and ask you to answer some short questions that will enhance our one-to-one coaching sessions.

Clarity of Your Heart: One to One Coaching Session

This laser-focused 50-minute coaching session will help you get crystal clear on what you want to say and how to say it in your letter. You’ll also learn storytelling skills to make your letter readable and impactful. Together we’ll create a draft of your letter using an easy to follow template.

Private coaching allows you to go deep quickly and figure out what it is you really want to say. Together we’ll explore why you’re writing to your reader and how you want them to feel when they read your letter. We’ll brainstorm stories you want to use to show what you want to say.

By the end of your Clarity of Your Heart Session you’ll have the tools to turn your thoughts into a draft letter.

Write From Your Heart

Over the two weeks after your first coaching session, you’ll craft your letter using your outline and the stories you identified in your Clarity Session. Two days before your next coaching session you’ll share your draft letter with me and I will carefully review it and prepare detailed comments for you.

From Heart to Paper: One to One Coaching Session

Two weeks after our first session we’ll meet for another 50-minute personalized coaching session. You’ll get my detailed comments and suggestions to help you make your letter stronger. Together we’ll go over your letter and polish it into a gift that’s more valuable than anything you could buy.

After your Heart to Paper Session, you’ll have a beautiful gift AND you’ll be able to confidently communicate values, wisdom, stories, love, hopes and dreams through letters from your heart at any time. And you can write to the people you love over and over, with each letter adding stronger bonds and deeper connections, guidance, love and gratitude.

Are you ready to Deepen Connections and Share Gratitude?

Here’s how to get started:

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After you complete payment you’ll receive your Brainstorming Outline and the Deepening Connections with Legacy Letters eBook. Read through the eBook and Complete your Brainstorming Outline.


Schedule your Two Coaching Sessions. You’ll also receive a link to book your two coaching sessions. The first session should occur after you finish your Brainstorming Outline so that your session is super productive.


Be ready to be inspired and to feel deep gratitude for your loved one

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Here’s what clients say about working with me:
As someone who writes professionally, it’s natural to write for my brand, or from a body of research for an article–but the idea of writing a heartfelt letter to my mother challenged me. The combination of the pre-work, Melanie’s coaching call, and the Heart to Paper framework made the process really simple and accessible, and allowed me to write with love and honesty in a way that was positive and uplifting. My Legacy Letter was very well received, and I will definitely use this method again. Heart to Paper is a beautiful program and Melanie is an excellent coach!
Rachael Pontillo

When my mom approached her 85th birthday, Melanie recommended that I write her a Letter From My Heart, which subsequently turned into a photo book.  It features all of our favorite mother/daughter experiences, with the Letter unfolding cleverly on each page. Memories we shared, lessons I learned, traits I admire, my profound love and respect for her… all captured into a perfect keepsake.  For my mom, of course, it was an absolute treasure, but the unexpected gift that I received was the experience of reviewing and processing the many aspects of our multi-faceted relationship.  Kudos to Melanie for this brilliant idea and deftly coaching me. I am forever grateful.
Carolyn Preis

Working with Melanie to write a Letter From Your Heart will have a lasting and positive impact on you. This is not just a “one-off” exercise. You will learn how to set the foundation and develop the methodology for the lifelong practice of writing special messages for special people. You will receive expert direction and will come out on the other end with a whole new perspective of writing about what really matters and how to deepen connections with people who you care about.
Craig Womack

Hi, I’m Melanie. I’m a transformative writing coach helping you use your stories to connect with people who matter to you. My passion is teaching and empowering you to write meaningful letters to share love, wisdom, gratitude and hopes and dreams with the people you care about. The result –  deeper connections, stronger relationships and enhanced gratitude. I’ve had the honor to work with hundreds of wonderful people both in groups and one-to-one, and every Heart Letter I’ve read has touched me deeply. I can’t wait to see whose life you will touch.