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Simple Daily Practices to Add More Kindness to Your Life (and Share it With Others)!

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Kindness is a heartfelt expression that lifts the spirit of both the person we are kind to and ourselves.

Actively spreading kindness helps you:

  • Feel happier
  • Grow positivity
  • Boost your health and immune system
  • Reduce stress
  • Connect you more deeply to others and to yourself

But maybe most importantly, it just feels good.

I want to send my thanks for a beautiful week. It is wonderful to spread kindness. There is no downside. I appreciate your energy and effort to share your expertise. Thank you!

Sandra M.

Come join me to add more kindness to your life and share kindness with others.

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Free Masterclass: Building a Kindness Practice

On your 5th day of spreading kindness, I’ll send you a free link to my masterclass, Building a Kindness Practice. This self-paced, 50-minute online training will gently guide you through several journalling exercises to reflect deeply on what you’ve learned over the week and, more importantly, build yourself a system to keep the kindness going, and create lasting change in your life and relationships.  

Thank you for offering the Kindness Experience. As a psychotherapist, I certainly understand that fear closes the heart. But your kindness exercise this morning helped me open my heart. Realizing how many ways people have been kind to me and I to them reinforces my belief that everyone of us at our core is good. Those reminders are needed now more than ever. 

Judith F.

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