Say Thank You

5 Easy Steps to
Writing a Great Thank You Note

You know how wonderful it is to receive a note of thanks or gratitude, but you struggle to write that perfect one.

Maybe your memories of writing thank you notes aren’t your favorite, so you procrastinate or give in to texting thanks or an emoji for a gift or help.

You don’t want saying thanks to feel like a chore for you or your kids. Do you remember a parent standing over you while you grudgingly wrote out your thanks?  

You want to show your gratitude to someone who gave you a special gift, helped you out or was just plain kind, but you aren’t sure what words to use or how to make your note show what you’re feeling.

There must be a better way than texting or struggling for the right words.

You want to have fun writing your next thank you note, and you want your note to really show your gratitude. Let me help you.

Imagine going to your mailbox and grabbing the mail. Amongst the bills and flyers, the catalogues and junk, there’s a hand addressed envelope. Your heart leaps, you smile as you open the letter. It’s a note of thanks from a good friend for the gift you gave her when you visited. As you read you feel her gratitude, you remember your visit, you feel the beauty of your friendship.

Imagine writing a letter like that to a friend or a parent or a mentor.

What if there was a simple, satisfying process that you could use again and again to share gratitude for gifts and kind acts with the special people in your life?

With the SMILE: 5 Easy Steps to Writing a Great Thank You Note guide, you’ll learn how.

I’ll take you step by step through my SMILE system. Writing, using my guidance, you’ll be sure to make your reader smile and feel how you want them to feel. And, you can use the system over and over to create happiness for your reader and you. I show you how with:

sample thank you notes for when you can’t find the right words
template worksheets that you can use to draft thank you notes
ideas about different kinds of thank you notes to write and how to help children do the same

When you share gratitude, you make somebody else feel special, but you’ll also feel happier too. With this simple process, you may find yourself looking for people to thank. 

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Melanie’s eBook 5 Easy Steps to Writing a Great Thank You Note was super helpful, easy and straightforward (and catchy, I love the SMILE acronym!) I picked up some really valuable tips, such as not starting out right away with “Thank you for”. Instead I try first to relate a bit about how something made me feel or touched me or the recipient’s kindness. Thanking people is a HUGE part of my job and the eBook made that easier and my letters more impactful. I perused and used the templates, not just for work but for letters to friends and family as well. Thank you for this great resource.

Bonnie Kirkpatrick

Writing thank you notes is something I can and like to do, but Melanie’s SMILE guide elevated my letters of gratitude to a whole new level. Her templates, samples and suggestions make writing easy. But what was really eye opening was her emphasis on focusing on how I wanted my reader to feel. Holding that in my mind helped me tap into the gratitude I wanted my reader to experience. I found myself smiling imagining them reading my note. What a great resource for anyone who wants to share gratitude and say thank you in a lovely and meaningful way.

Kirstin Nussgruber

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