The Everyday Experience

Design a meaningful life YOU love, one day at a time.

Regular Price: $67 USD

Move from a busy life to a life full of what matters, every day

It’s easy to fill up your day with things that feel necessary — work, bills, taking care of kids or parents.

It’s easy to get to the end of the day and feel wiped out or move the thing you really want to do to your “someday” list.


  • Lighting up when somebody asks what you’ve been doing, because you love what you’ve been doing so much.
  • Saying no to things that drain you – and realizing you have more space for the things that energize and excite you.
  • Having a roadmap to help you honor your true desires and what you value every day.

After the Everyday Experience, you’ll know how to make space for the things you want most in your day.

The Everyday Experience helped me add more of what I love and what matters to me into each day. Melanie has an incredible gift for making you feel seen and supports you in making meaningful changes.  I feel more aligned with how I want to feel and have given myself permission to say no to what doesn’t resonate. Now I make space for more of what I do want in my day. I could fit in the great exercises and supportive videos, even with my busy schedule.  

Thank you for the Everyday Experience, the content and results are great.

Megan Flatt

Let's Collective

Learn to use your values to design a life that lights you up

What to Expect:

5 Everyday Experiences

Each experience takes about 20–30 minutes to complete, and includes a short informational video, instructions for the practice, and an opportunity to “Take It Deeper”. 

Email Support

If you have questions or thoughts, you’ll have access to me by email at any time.  I love to hear from you and respond personally to every question.

BONUS: Early Access

Your purchase of The Everyday Experience gives you early access to any of my LIVE workshops, experiences, and group programs – offered periodically throughout the year.

Each Experience uses reflection and journaling to bring clarity to what truly lights you up and brings you joy — and helps you get past “but I can’t do that” thinking.

You can do all of the 5 Experiences in one day, one experience each day, or one each week – or any way that works for you and your schedule!

No matter how you do the Experiences you’re certain to find more joy and meaning in your everyday.

Take the first step to a life you love even more!

Regular Price: $67 USD

I thought I had a pretty good handle on my values and how to use them to make decisions, but the way Melanie breaks down the exercises in this program gave me such deep insight into what actually lights me up and brings me joy.  I feel like I now have so many practical ideas for incorporating more of what I love into my days (not just a wishy-washy idea of my “core values” like I’ve gotten from other similar exercises).

The Everyday Experience is going on my gift list for everyone I know this year.

Natale deGoey

ndg creative

Hi, I’m Melanie Vetter.

I’m a transformative journaling and joy coach.

I’m also a mom, a solo entrepreneur and I love to dance to ABBA and the BeeGees while cooking for my family.

I bring tools from journaling and storytelling, design thinking and creativity, positive mental fitness coaching and deep listening to help my clients design a life they love.

I created The Everyday Experience to help you craft the joyful and authentic life you want one day at a time. The tools in The Everyday Experience can be used over and over to remind you what you value, what you love and how to add that into your days.

And your days are important – how we spend our days is how we live our lives.

I love to hear from course participants, so don’t hesitate to ask questions, share thoughts or just say hi. Just email me and I’ll write you back!



Let’s get them answered so you can get started loving your life a little more today.

What are the “experiences?”

Each experience is an exercise that prompts you to dig into what matters to you. There are questions and journaling prompts that help you get  answers into what is really meaningful to you—and they support you in finding ways to add those things to your busy days.

This sounds great, but I’m so busy. How much time do I need?

Each experience should take 20–30 minutes. You could set aside the time each morning or plan to do it over lunch or before bed. You can do one exercise a day or do one a week. And when you build more things that you love into your day, you can actually feel less overwhelmed and like you have more time.

I know what I want in my days … there’s just no time for it.

The Everyday Experience is designed with busy people in mind. We all have a lot going on. I’ve used this process with clients with demanding jobs, small children, aging parents and all the everyday needs that go along with it. The Everyday Experience not only helps you find clarity about what really matters, but it helps you bring flexible, positive thinking to find ways to incorporate that into your life.

Take the first step to a life you love even more!

Regular Price: $67 USD

Melanie has more than a passion to help people explore their lives, she is a champion at reaching deeper and raising their level of who they are. That is a gift. I am forever grateful for all of the energy that Melanie puts into her workshops.

Gail Hutchinson

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