As humans, we communicate through stories, so you are a natural born storyteller, and with a little practice you can write your stories for yourself.


Anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson says we are all engaged in an “act of creation…which is the composition of our lives” and storytelling is how we make sense of that act. In doing so we create a coherent narrative, which is a key source of meaning.

Writing is a way of examining memories and sorting through them. We all have internalized stories we create, about who we are, how we got the way we are.

Putting these memories on paper may help you understand the past and also help you find what fuels your sense of purpose and meaning.

Looking at your stories, the good and the bad, and reflecting on what you learned, how you grew, how you persisted through difficulty, has been linked by psychologists to a greater sense of well-being. Writing your stories, even the ones about difficult situations, helps you create appreciate the benefits of the path you’ve taken.


If you haven’t written before (or much or recently), you may hesitate to start. You may worry that you don’t know what to do or that your story won’t be interesting or good enough. Remember, we are all storytellers, and we can all learn to write our story.

The good news is you don’t need to share your writing, you can write just for you. That takes a lot of pressure off.


Hello, I’m Melanie Vetter a transformative writing coach and storyteller helping you use your stories to connect with yourself and people who matter to you. Through writing your stories you will find meaning for yourself and share love, wisdom, gratitude and hopes and dreams with the people you care about. The result –  deeper connections, stronger relationships and enhanced gratitude. I can’t wait to see whose life you will touch.

I guide my clients through intentional techniques to help them find their stories and write them.

I take you step by step on how to start a writing habit, how to find stories, write and edit them and, if you want, how to share them with others.

You already have stories. I want to help you find a way to capture and share them and find joy and meaning in the process.

Just email me at melanie@wellfleetcircle.com for a complimentary phone consult on how we can work together to meet your needs.

We can't wait to see you there!

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