You can have a life you love even more.

Whether your dream is to have more joy and ease in your life, feel deeply connected to yourself and others or feel and share gratitude (or do all three!), I’m here to help.

Choose the resources below that help you with what you want most.

3 Steps to Having a Meaningful Life You Love

What really matters most to you?

Imagine lighting up when somebody asks what you’ve been doing, because you love what you’ve been doing so much. Imagine saying no to things that drain you – and realizing you have more space for the things that energize and excite you.

I take you step by step through my reflective journaling process so you can have more joy and ease in your one precious life.

7 Days of Gratitude

Simple Practices for More Joy and Positivity in Your Life

In the 7 Days of Gratitude guide, you’ll find quick and easy gratitude practices that can increase positivity and make you feel the power of gratitude.  And because you’ll also be expressing gratitude to others, you can spread love and joy to those around you!

The Everyday Experience

A meaningful life you love is within your grasp.

Your day-to-day life can light you up and bring you joy, even if you haven’t achieved everything you are working towards.  Join me for this self-directed online course, and use your values to bring more life and meaning to your everyday experience.

Deepening Connections with Legacy Letters

Connection with people you care about is a big part of having a meaningful life you love.

Learn how to share your love and gratitude and support through letters and create stronger and more loving connections with my Deepening Connections eBook

SMILE: 5 Easy Steps to Writing a Great Thank You Note

By writing notes of thanks using my simple process, you’ll make your reader smile and feel how you want them to feel.

The guide includes sample thank you notes for when you can’t find the right words, template worksheets that you can use to draft thank you notes and ideas about different kinds of thank you notes to write and how to help children do the same. You may find yourself looking for people to thank.

Connect with Your Family Stories

Family stories are your heritage. Each family has a history that no other family has.

By telling your stories and sharing them, you keep your history, tradition and ancestors alive, and build connection within your family and across generations.

Create a Family Motto or Mission Statement

Your family motto is a clear statement of how you want to live and thrive internally and in the greater world. It is based on your family’s core values and describes your purpose and what your family is about. In How To Create A Family Motto, I give you a fun framework and tips on how to make it age appropriate. You get to decide how to make your motto your own. There are no right or wrong answers, just fun and family connection.


Knowing your values – what matters to you – is a key step in creating meaning and loving your life. I’ve compiled a list for you, you can look at the words and see what resonates. Then define what each value word means to you.

Want to feel more engaged and energized? Get your copy of 3 Steps to a Meaningful Life You Love!