Joy, connection, clarity, meaning … I hear again and again from people who are looking for these same things. People who have a good life but feel like something is missing.

Your stories are the key to a life you love. Your stories and past experiences let you design a life around connection and your core values. They let you move past that sense that something is missing and into more gratitude and joy. 

My mission is to help my people write and reflect on their own stories to unlock tools that help them thrive and live their best life.

Bring the power of story to change lives to your audience.

Design Your Finest Life by Tapping into Your Own Story

  • Roadmap to a Life You Love: Writing Your Way to Clarity
  • Use the Power of Story to Design Your Life
  • Crafting a Personal Mission Statement

The Power of Story to Unlock Your Most Joyful Life

  • Finding and Sharing Gratitude Through Writing
  • Writing into Joy: How to Tap into Your Own Story to Love Your Life More 
  • Discover Your Own Resiliency: Create a roadmap for future challenges

Living in Deep Connection: Sharing family stories for legacy and joy

  • How to Share What You Really Want Your Kids to Know

  • Why Family Stories Are More Important Than You Think (and How to Share Those Stories)

  • How to Connect with Loved Ones Through Story

I’m available for speaking, interactive workshops, podcasts, and interviews.

For each topic, I have sample titles, but each talk, conversation, or workshop is tailored to the specific audience.

Past Speaking

  • Cuppa Culture
    Tea and Gratitude, a Gratitude Letter Workshop. November 11, 2020
  • Woodlands Sponsors
    Gratitude Letter Workshop. June 24, 2021
  • Gratitude Letter Workshop. 2021
    Building Resilience Through Journaling. 2020
  • West Marin Senior Services –
    Write Your Life- using reflection to learn and appreciate your life – 4 courses

    Letters to Connect – 2 courses
  • Advice to My Younger Me podcast
    Crafting Your Personal Mission Statement and Saying Thank You
  • SoloParentLife with Robbin Rockett podcast
    Using personal stories to build connections
  • Sidewalk Talks Expert Interview
    How transformational story writing differs from journaling, is a great adjunct to personal growth and therapy practices, and helps improve our listening.
  • Smith College Webinars 
    Develop Your Strength, Resilience and Joy Through Writing
    Legacy Planning and Writing: Share Your Intangible Wealth with Those You Love

  • Permission Granted Online Summit
    The impact of stories and letters to connect with loved ones during this discussion for the Permission Granted Retreat.

  • Wells Fargo Private Bank
    Private workshop for high level wealth managers on Legacy Letters

  • CSA Webinar
    Legacy Letters: Valuable Tools for Your Clients and You —  Private Webinar for members of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors

When you hire me to speak, you can expect:

  • a well-researched, engaging and actionable talk uniquely customized for your audience. 
  • inspiration paired with simple but profound tools that you audience can use right away.
  • a clear demonstration of how my process works, so that the audience can take action on their own to achieve their goals.

What people are saying about Melanie:

On my podcast (Advice to My Younger Me), I talk to a lot of experts about how to craft a successful, satisfying career. Melanie’s writing process and prompts are a great tool to do that.  Using her process is a powerful way to get clarity about what a satisfying, successful career and life looks like for you. Who knew that writing was such a helpful way to figure out these difficult issues! She’s a pleasure to work with and her advice is always practical and wise.

Sara Holtz, Host of Advice to My Younger Me

Melanie is a captivating storyteller, which makes perfect sense because stories are at the heart of her gift to others. I walked away from her talk feeling inspired and excited to dive into my own life stories just to see what treasures I could call forth and rewrite to love my life even more. You’re going to love being in Melanie’s audience!

Michelle Barry Franco, The Thought Leadership School

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your webinar on developing resilience and joy through writing. And not just enjoyed it—I am using some of your great tools and tips! In fact, I created my very own overwhelmed cheat sheet (very useful, especially at this time of year). I was also struck by your concept of porous boundaries, and have been thinking about that.

Tina Barsby, Senior Philanthropic Officer at Smith

When I hear Melanie share about writing to design your life, I want to break out the pen and paper and get to work. It’s powerful to learn that I can write in a way that helps me see the past in a whole new light. Melanie’s passion, compassion, and commitment come through so strongly, it’s infectious…even for someone who might be afraid to write! I wholeheartedly believe people would live with more confidence if they were required to take one of Melanie’s courses.

Elisha Alcantara, Speaker and Podcaster

Melanie brings a grounded and loving presence to her topic, inviting those gathered to go deep into the work their soul calls them to do. Her content is organized and presented in a very clear, precise way which helped me relax into the material and know that she was in control of the experience. I really enjoyed watching her on stage, it felt like I was with a dear friend who loves me and wants the best for me. I encourage anyone to hire Melanie to speak – your audiences will thank you!

Jane Selle Morgan EP/ Director / Founder, Skycar Creative

Melanie brings a grace and wisdom to the world of transformational storytelling. She motivates you to take up a personal practice of writing your own stories by sharing first hand the vulnerability and transformation she and her students have undergone in their own story explorations.

Traci Ruble, Executive Director, Sidewalk Talk and Psychotherapist

Participating in Melanie’s gratitude letter workshop was an incredible experience. She eased us into the topic with great examples of how important stories are and how meaningful they can be in nurturing and deepening our relationships with family and friends. Melanie did a masterful job of highlighting the impact that descriptive words have in bringing memories to life and the lasting connections they create. When we began to outline our own gratitude letter, I became overwhelmed with unexpected emotions…. Melanie held the space for me and the entire group with quiet grace and heartfelt respect. It’s an experience I will always cherish. I highly recommend her programs and can’t wait to attend another one soon.

Anne LaFollette, Founder Anne LaFollette Art

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