Your stories are the key to a life you love.

Your stories help you …
define yourself
rediscover yourself
reconnect with yourself.  

Your stories are a roadmap to what’s important to you…
your values and purpose
your strengths
what lights you up — sparks joy.

Your stories are a way to …
find yourself, connect with who you are at your core
share your love, values, traditions and history
weave yourself into your family and community.

Hi, I’m Melanie Vetter, and I’m passionate about helping you design a life you love.

I’m a life and journaling coach and I believe your story is the key to the life you want.

By reflecting on and journaling about your stories, you find greater authenticity, engagement, resilience, connection, gratitude, and joy. You gain clarity on what you want — and how to get it.

I’ve helped hundreds of people find more joy and resilience and move more fully into the life they long to live … by digging into their stories with them.

You don’t have to think of yourself as a writer or storyteller to find meaning in your stories. I guide you through intentional processes to explore and reflect and find the answers waiting for you. I encourage you to go as deep as you like to find your aha moments. I witness your hard stories and celebrate your triumphs—and everything in between. And I bring compassion, deep listening — and fun — to the process.

It’s time to love your life more.

Using Melanie’s process is a powerful way to get clarity about what a satisfying, successful career and life looks like for you. Who knew that writing was such a helpful way to figure out these difficult issues! She’s a pleasure to work with and her advice is always practical and wise

Sara Holtz

Discover what your story has to show you!

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Welcome to Wellfleet Circle

This is a place for story and memory, love and family, and peaceful connection. 

As a child, I spent every summer in the small town of Wellfleet, MA, with my parents, and then my children spent their summers in Wellfleet with their grandparents and our extended family. Wellfleet represents love and the circle of my family. It is a place where I find my best self.  

Your stories connect you to others as this place connects my family. 

Your stories help you find your courage and grit, joy and resilience. They help you gain clarity on what you really value. They show you the way to your best self and to the life you long for. 

Over 60 percent of Wellfleet’s land area falls within the unspoiled Cape Cod National Seashore. Calm bays and long stretches of deserted white sand ocean beach bracket the town. Inland, woodlands filled with hawks, songbirds, deer and foxes surround crystal clear kettle ponds. It is a peaceful, beautiful environment. 

I want you to find your own peaceful, beautiful environment within yourself. I will show you how to use your stories (even the messy or hard ones) to help create that beautiful feeling of connection and gratitude, meaning and authenticity that we all long for. 

Your stories can help guide you, even if you don’t think of yourself as a storyteller or a writer. I will walk you through my signature process to find your stories, immerse yourself in them, and reflect to find meaning or see the keys they hold for you. 

I know about the power of stories, because I discovered my meaning and driving force through them. As a kid I was creative, intuitive and so different than the rest of my family – I wanted to be a chef or an art historian or a theatrical make-up artist. But I fulfilled the dreams of my immigrant parents by becoming an attorney and consultant. I worked hard, and my parents were proud. But I never felt I was being my authentic self or following my path.

It was through reflecting on my stories that I discovered what I value, what lit me up, what I was meant to do. Writing and reflecting is the best way I know to design a life you love. It helps you clarify what you think and get really clear on what you want. When you write about dreams and goals, you help solidify them and make them something you are more likely to work towards.

Story is so powerful. 

It connects and heals. It shows us what we value, how we struggle, and how we overcome.

Since then, I have been sharing the power of writing and reflecting on our stories with hundreds of clients and workshop participants. I am beyond grateful to do this work and share my passion.

Come join in and let me give you the tools to design your beautiful life.

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