Share What Matters: Write Legacy Letters Workshop

You have a story to share. Your story.

You want to bring love and wisdom and deeper connection to the lives of your loved ones—and find more purpose and meaning for yourself.

  • You send your spouse off with a kiss and “I love you every day.”
  • You share stories from when you were younger to help you kids with their struggles.
  • You laugh with old friends about the things you used to do.

You wonder if there isn’t a way to share those things in an even more meaningful way—a way that would last. There is.


  • sending a thank you note to the mentor who put you on the right track 15 years ago.
  • handing your daughter a letter when she turns 18, showing her what you admired about her as she grew up.
  • celebrating your 25th anniversary with a letter about what you love and honor in your spouse.

Stop imagining. Start writing.

Say it. Share it with a Legacy Letter.

Learn how with the Share What Matters: Write Legacy Letters online course.

Legacy Letters allow you to share wisdom, traditions, values, blessings and love with people special to you. They are tangible objects, things that people can return to again and again—and they do. If you hear Legacy Letters and think of wills or estates, there’s more to it than that. Legacy Letters don’t have to be connected to wealth or even end of life.

Legacy Letters are for any time you want to deepen a connection with someone special in your life.

In the workshop, you will learn how to create and share these powerful, meaningful messages.

With Legacy Letters, you can

  • pass on special family stories and traditions.
  • recognize major milestones in a meaningful way.
  • share the stories and reasons behind gifts to others.
  • know you have said what is important.

And anybody can write a Legacy Letter—even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer. You just need to know what to put in and how to put the pieces together.

Melanie helped my husband and me write legacy letters for our high school graduate. We didn’t know where to begin, but she expertly guided us with some prompts that helped us think deeply about what we wanted to convey to our daughter. She also assisted us with how to solicit legacy letters from our parents and other special elders in our lives. I never would have thought to do this, but what a treasure to have their wisdom imparted as our daughter transitions into adulthood! I whole heartedly recommend Melanie for these services. She is fantastic!
Bonnie K

I know you are busy. That’s why I created a simple four-step process to help you create Legacy Letters with ease. Once you know this process you can share what matters in a Legacy Letter to anyone, on any occasion.

  • Write one to your son on his wedding day or to your daughter when she gets sworn in as a judge.
  • Write one to your high school teacher who pushed you beyond your own expectations or the neighbor who helped you through an illness.
  • Write one to your niece on her graduation or your best friend who always has your back.
  • Or write one just to say, I’m thinking about you. You matter to me. Here’s why.

You will learn exactly what elements to include to make your Legacy Letter meaningful, and you’ll get feedback so that you can feel confident sharing your thoughts and stories. with the Wellfleet Circle Method is a 4-week, online course. During each class, I’ll teach you elements of Legacy Letter writing, and you’ll spend time actually writing, so no matter how busy the rest of your week is, you’ll get something done.

My experience in Melanie Vetter’s workshop was no less than outstanding. She provides an environment that allows for creative thinking, meditation and a free exchange of ideas. Her knowledge and expertise in this area is excellent. I would heartily recommend her workshop to anyone. 
Betty R

The next workshop will
be in October

You can join from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Each week’s class includes both expert instruction from me on exactly how to craft a meaningful Legacy Letter and dedicated writing time. So you leave class with work actually done. You’ll also have a chance to share and connect with your classmates and plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from me.

Week One:

We will get to know each other through warm up exercises and sharing through writing and stories. You’ll learn the basics of Legacy Letter writing and how to develop a writing habit.

Week Two:

We will practice storytelling through using our senses and descriptive detail. You’ll write a simple Legacy Letter.

Week Three:

We will focus on building your writer’s voice and adding in reflection and humor. You’ll learn to edit your own writing.

Week Four:

We will focus on the idea of love and hopes and dreams for your recipient. You will finalize a letter and learn ways to preserve Legacy Letters and get others writing Legacy Letters too.


Each class will be part learning, part writing, part sharing. You get:

  • four two-hour sessions
  • personalized feedback
  • a detailed workbook to walk you through the process even after the class is over
  • access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share ideas with classmates and me.

If you complete the work, you’ll finish the class ready to share your stories, values, traditions, love, and wisdom with someone special.

When my mom approached her 85th birthday, Melanie recommended that I write her a Legacy Letter which subsequently turned into a photo book.  It features all of our favorite mother/daughter experiences, with the Letter unfolding cleverly on each page.  Memories we shared, lessons I learned, traits I admire, my profound love and respect for her… all captured into a perfect keepsake.  For my mom, of course, it was an absolute treasure, but the unexpected gift that I received was the experience of reviewing and processing the many aspects of our multi-faceted relationship.  Kudos to Melanie for this brilliant idea and deftly coaching me. I am forever grateful.  

Carolyn P

Legacy Letters give you a way to:

  • pass on your wisdom, traditions and values is a concrete way.
  • preserve the family history and stories you fear won’t be remembered.
  • share the powerful things you want to tell people in your life that feel awkward to say aloud.

There is no excuse not to write Legacy Letters.

Think you are too old? I worked with an 80-year-old mother to write to her adult son.

Too young? I’ve read powerful letters from teens to siblings, parents and grandparents.

Don’t have children? Legacy Letters are perfect gifts for parents, mentors, teachers, colleagues, and friends—anyone you love or admire.

Don’t have something to say? I bet you do, even if you aren’t sure what it is yet. I’ll help you uncover what you want to say and put it all together in a polished letter that you can give joyfully.

I’ve watched people read Legacy Letters and be moved. I’ve been deeply touched by the letters I’ve received, and—I’ve been deeply moved by the process of writing Legacy Letters too.

Learning to write Legacy Letters is a great gift to your loved ones—and to yourself.

As you write you open to love and gratitude. Ready to open up?

Hi, I’m Melanie. I’m passionate about teaching and empowering others to celebrate, document and share a purposeful life using fun and joyful tools and techniques—like Legacy Letters. I am a certified Legacy Advisor and hold a certificate in Guided Autobiography Instruction from the Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies. I’ve taught at College of Marin and Margaret Todd Senior Center and have done private group workshops and webinars for Wells Fargo Private Bank and The Society of Certified Senior Advisors. I have had the honor to work with private clients both in groups and one-to-one. I have helped more than 200 people share what matters to them with Legacy Letters. I wrote my first Legacy Letter to my eldest son when he was 20, and every Legacy Letter I’ve written or read has touched me deeply—including those written by my students. I can’t wait to see whose life you will touch.
Melanie Vetter

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