Journal with Me: Your GPS

Jun 16, 2021 | Design Your Life | 0 comments

We’re in new territory. Things you couldn’t do for over a year are now open to you. How does that feel?

Last week I wrote about transitions – you’re probably experiencing many transitions right now – schools opening, work returning to in person, social opportunities, travel…

How do you choose? Are you ready to plunge back in? Or maybe it feels better to just dip your toe in. We’re all different, there’s no right or wrong. And you get to choose.

How do you choose? You have an internal GPS that can help.

Knowing three things creates that GPS:

  • What makes you feel alive – energized and engaged
  • What values support those activities
  • How you want to feel

Take some time to journal on any of these questions/prompts: 

  • What I want more of in my life
  • What I want less of in my life
  • How I want to feel each day
  • What helps me feel how I want to feel
  • What ______ (fill in with one of your values) looks like in my life? 
  • I could embrace ________ (fill in with one of your values) more by: 

You can find a list of Value Words here if you want.

When you’re done, read through what you wrote. Does it resonate? Pay attention to how your body feels, do you feel relaxed or excited? Or do you feel constrained or anxious? How you feel helps you know if what you’ve written is coming from your deep knowledge of yourself or from somewhere or someone else. 

How can you remind yourself to check your GPS when making choices about your day, week, year? One way is to write out your answers and post that where you’ll see it. And then when you need to make a choice, pause, check-in and then decide.


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