Do you ever read the acknowledgements in books you read? Authors usually include their editor and other staff at their publisher, research assistants, publicists, writer friends who offered advice, booksellers who helped get the book into readers hands, and family for supporting them (and putting up with long hours).


I love this part of a book because it reminds us that we don’t reach our goals alone while at the same time reminding us of the power of gratitude. 


Acknowledgments don’t have to be just a list. There is space for them to be heartfelt and humorous. There is space for you to let your personality and values shine.


Today I invite you to write your own acknowledgements page. It could be for your life as a whole or for the people who helped you reach a particular goal or get through a tough time or are part of the village you need to raise your kids.


Think about the different ways people help you. It could be your spouse for taking on dinner and bedtime so you can work on a project. It could be a friend who always seems to check in when you need it most. It could be an old classmate who’s accomplishments inspire you or the wise cracking barista who makes a perfect latte and makes you smile every day. It could be a stranger who shows empathy when life feels like it’s all falling apart or the parents you swap drop off and pick ups with.


Who do you want to acknowledge?


  • Start with a list of people who have helped or supported you.
  • Then write something specific about each person—a specific action, something about their personality that you love and has contributed to your success, a particular moment you remember fondly or with gratitude. Note how they made you feel in that situation.
  • If you think of more people as you write, add them.
  • If you want to go deeper, pick one person and write in more depth about how they have helped or supported you. If you choose, share your writing with that person. (Here’s my easy process for a great thank you note to make them smile.)

Support is one of the things that helps us move toward a life we want and get over hurdles that arise. What other tools do you have? Your stories have a lot to show you.


I’d love to guide you through the process of using your stories to move toward a life you love even more. Join me next week for Live the Life You Want: Develop Your Strengths, Resilience & Joy Through Your Stories. In this free online webinar, I’ll show you how to write and reflect on your stories to find more clarity in your life.


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