Thanksgiving is an opportunity to focus on what we’re thankful for. So November always makes me think about gratitude. But this time I’m thinking about the power of gratitude to deepen the connections with people who’ve been generous to me and people I care about.

Gratitude is a superpower no matter how you use it. Being grateful helps you build positivity, capacity for stress and so much more. But how about focusing on actually telling people why you’re grateful for them, for who they are, for what they’ve done for you or how they make you feel? Gratitude is especially powerful when it’s expressed to others.

Today is Day 3 of the Gratitude Experience. Yesterday’s exercise was to say thank you throughout the day, followed by an option to take that practice deeper by saying thank you through connecting. If you aren’t already part of the Gratitude Experience, you can still join, but you can also try this practice now.

Think about all the people in your life who do and have done wonderful and kind things for you, or who make you feel seen as you want to be seen, or loved in a special way.

Pick one or more people who come to mind and share your gratitude.

• Write them a letter or postcard

• Call them on the phone

• Send them a thoughtful gift (it doesn’t have to be big)

• Make a plan with them to get together

• Share a photo of a time together and tell them how that time made you feel

• Do anything else that feels good that expresses gratitude and creates an opportunity for connection


How did it feel to say thanks or share gratitude? Did it make you feel more grateful for the people in your life? Or did you feel something else? What was easy, what was hard? Do you know why?

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