Last week you thought about what you might want to explore as we enter spring and experience more opening up in general. Maybe your inhale was learning something new, or connecting with special people, or exploring a new creative venture.

Whatever you choose, do you have a plan for how to add that new idea in? 

How can you create space for something new? Energy and time are limited resources. What can you let go of to make room for your new activities? 

Letting go of things you don’t love helps in two ways. First, you stop using energy for things that don’t engage you or energize you. Releasing things you don’t want often feels like a big exhale. You may feel more energetic or brighter just from releasing.

But releasing things does something else. It opens up time and space. You probably know that empty time has a way of getting sucked up and filled in pretty quickly. So as you get ready to release, think about what you want to do with that time.

  • Make a list of what you want to add in to your days. 
  • Then make a list of what you want to release to make room for what you want to add.
  • What habits or other tools could help you stick to your plan?
  • How would you feel if you stuck with your plan? 
  • What do you have to gain?

Happy Spring!

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