Journal with Me: Love Your Summer

Jun 2, 2021 | Design Your Life | 0 comments

One of my friends told me she wished she could take the whole summer off. She longed for freedom and lazy days. While she couldn’t do that, she found that by shifting the structure of her day, she loved her summer a whole lot more. Spending the morning reading on her porch or puttering in her garden or hanging out in the yard with her kids gave her the lazy summer feel she wanted. Pair that with a week off of work and leaving her phone in her bag, and she felt free and loved her summer. What would it take for you to love your summer? 

Last week, I shared some thoughts or journaling questions to start thinking about how to have a fabulous summer. I encourage you to dig into that even more today. Let yourself imagine that the summer could look exactly the way you want it to. Let yourself dream. 

Read through the whole prompt. Then let yourself dream onto the page. You can set a timer and write until it goes off or keep writing until you feel “done.” 

Close your eyes or lower your gaze. Take a few deep breaths to clear out the day so far. Start to think about your ideal summer. You might picture a summer you’ve experienced in the past or the summer you wish you could have this year. 

Open your eyes and start to write. Don’t worry about logistics or whether it makes sense. Don’t worry about what anybody else wants. Tap into your senses? 

  • What do you see? 
  • What do you hear? 
  • What do you smell? 
  • What do you feel tactilely?
  • What do you taste? 

And how do you feel? Relaxed? Energized? Full of wonder or awe? Content? 

When you are done, read through what you wrote. What stands out most? Is there a particular image, smell, feeling you long for? What insight do you have into what you can do to create a summer you love? 

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