We’re still in wild times with change happening constantly. But while the world spins around us, we can create structure and systems in our own life. Doing so helps us calm our minds and bodies. And when we do that, we can contemplate important ideas that are coming up due to the unprecedented events that are occuring.

As the world swirls, I invite you to take time each day to pause, take a deep breath, get quiet  and disengage — even for 10 minutes.

Like many folks, I am feeling anxiety or a desire to control everything I still can, but that doesn’t mean I have to give in to those feelings unthinkingly. By taking a pause several times a day to breathe or take a walk or call a friend, I can give myself a small reset — and that pause helps. 

What small habits and structures can you create for right now? 

I already worked from home before doing so was mandatory, but for those of you who are experiencing remote work for the first time, can you set “work hours”? A friend of mine suggested actually walking out her door and then back in at the beginning of her “work day” and repeating the same ritual at the end of her work day. That physical reminder is helping her carve out time for work, family and relaxation. 

My habits of walking first thing in the morning with my husband and our dog and finishing my day by writing gratitudes and wins has been a habit that’s worked well for years. It still works, but with all that’s going on, I need more. Now I’m making sure to take time to meditate and exercise, connect with at least one friend, and track and notice all the small things in my life that are good. I have a check list to keep me honest and on track. Even so, I often fail, but that’s ok as long as I just start again. These small steps help me make space to pause, think and even relax.

What can you do to create structure and habits to support you in this time — or any time?

Here are some thought questions that I’ve been noodling on:

How can we rely on each other to connect? 

– What does that look like? Can I make a plan?

How can I continually find the good in small ways? 

– Can I create a habit that helps?

How can I both show up and take care of me? 

– What might get in the way? What structure can I create?

How can I ask for what I need in a kind and gentle way? 

– How can I ask others what they need in a generous way?

What does time together look like?

– How can each person in our group or family help each other and our collective group?

When I remember this time, how do I want to remember myself showing up?

And, critically — Who do I want to be no matter what?

With so much gratitude to you for reading,


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