Ready for 2022? Start with How You Want to Feel

Dec 15, 2021 | Design Your Life | 0 comments

There’s something satisfying about pausing to reflect at the end of the year. To do that, it helps to really look at what happened. 

While daily you might feel like you didn’t get enough done or nothing has changed, in looking over a longer period of time, we often see that isn’t true.  

What moments of joy, beauty, and wonder did you experience?  

Sure there was likely struggle, as 2021 was still a hard year. But I bet there are some amazing moments you’ve forgotten. Take a little time to literally look back at the year. 

Flip through the pictures on your phone for the last year — or even what you shared on social media. Skim through your journals and your daily gratitude lists if you write those. 

Ask your family or anyone else you’ve spent time with what they remember most from the year. Swapping stories can build connection and remind you of some of the good things that happened. 

Let all these things trigger memories that might have gotten eclipsed or forgotten. 

Look Back First  

The turn of the year is a time of looking back and ahead. Start by looking back. The suggestions above can help get your memories and ideas flowing. Then take a walk and let your mind wander. Come back and journal on any of these questions that appeal to you. 

Make a list of:  

  • The highs and lows of last year
  • Things you accomplished or feel proud of
  • Moments of great joy, wonder, or contentment
  • Things you’re grateful for
  • Struggles or challenges
  • Ways you overcome challenges

Or start with the prompt: 

2021 was the year I …

Writing these special moments down, even as a list, helps you savor the good memories. And that can bring joy, reduce negativity and stress, and fill up your cup of capacity. And reflecting on how you got through struggles shows you your strengths and helps you build resilience for the future.

Then Look Ahead  

Instead of setting a bunch of resolutions or goals, think about how you want to feel in 2022. 

What did you love in 2021 that you want to pull into the new year? 

What are you ready to release? 

What core values will guide you in 2022? How can you bring those values more into your life? 

And if you want 2022 to be the year you really start loving your life a little bit more every day The Everyday Experience can help you get really clear on what you want more and less of in your days — and how to work that in (even in a super busy life). 

I encourage you to find some time for quiet reflection — looking back and ahead —between now and the new year. Here’s to a year of wonder, joy, and gratitude!

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