Do you ever ruminate? It’s been hard not to — When will I get to visit my kids or my parents? When will I be able to hug my friends? When will things be normal? Ruminating like this doesn’t make us feel better, but it’s hard to avoid. 

Gratitude offers an antidote to those negative thoughts. Being grateful helps you build positivity, capacity for stress and so much more. But sometimes when you need it most, gratitude can be elusive. That’s why creating a habit of gratitude can help. 

What makes you feel grateful?

Here in Northern California, spring has arrived. Noticing the colors and the smells as I walk on the trails makes me feel alive and full of gratitude. Does getting out in nature help you? Even if you live in a city (I grew up in NYC) or are still in “mud season,” getting outside and noticing the changing season, breathing in the air might help.

Is it the feeling of connecting with people you love that creates a feeling of gratitude for you? The warmth of cuddling with your child or walking and chatting with a friend. Or watching your dog dance for joy when you pull out the leash to go on a walk? 

What creates gratitude for you?

I invite you to pay close attention to your positive moments. 

Noticing the small moments that help you feel gratitude allows you to add more of them into each day. Even small steps, when taken consistently, add up to positive change. 

And savoring those moments has a big effect.

Try writing down what you notice, what makes you smile, makes you feel gratitude. Write the list then reflect on how thinking about the moments of gratitude made you feel. At the end of the day, read your list. How did it feel to notice, stop and savor your moments of gratitude?

You can create habits to remind you to notice, stop and savor your moments of gratitude, and I’m here to help.

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