Who are you? It seems like such a simple question, but sometimes it’s hard to answer. I find this is especially true when I’ve spent too much time doing what others wanted or thought I should do and during times of transition. Times of transition are especially tricky because we are poised for change, between who we are and who we will be. 

That time of change can be uncomfortable. Have you ever shied away from making a change in your life because you didn’t want to let go of some part of who you had been? Or stayed stagnant and stuck because you were scared to say who you wanted to be? You’re not alone. And you don’t have to stay stuck. 

Who Are You?

One of the first things you can do is to notice what energizes and engages you. Think about:

  • The last time you lost track of time because you loved what you were doing
  • The last time you felt excited and energetic instead of drained after deep, focused work
  • What keeps tugging at you even when you say, “I don’t have time.”

Start to notice daily what lights you up, what brings you down, and what you wish there were more of. You might find it helpful to journal on these questions. 

Next, get super clear on your values. What matters most to you? Taking the time to go through a values exercise can be really revealing. That means taking time to figure out what core values really guide you, which you are prioritizing right now in your life, and what those embodied values look like in your life (or what you want them to look like). 

Pair your core values with what energizes and engages you and you are on your way to a life you love even more

Who Do You Want to Be?

The exercise in finding what energizes and engages you and getting clear on your values isn’t just about who you are. The process also helps you find what’s missing and gain direction moving forward. 

Sometimes you may feel like you are flailing. You feel like you’ve lost your way or even your sense of who you are. You feel like something’s missing, but you don’t really know what it is. 

Or maybe you have an idea about who you want to be, but you don’t know how to get there. The path is murky or all you see is roadblocks. There is a way — and you probably even know what it is. 

Tapping into your past experience, how you handled transitions before or how you committed to something that mattered, can help you see how your own strengths and values and knowledge can move you forward.

You don’t have to find your way alone.

You’re ready to do something that matters to you, has meaning in the world, makes the difference you deeply desire, creates joy … you’re ready for a life you truly and deeply love. It’s time to take a new look at your life. It’s time for Revisioning You

Curiosity can lead to deeper connection with yourself. It can reveal parts of you that are hidden — dreams and desires, strengths and stories. Taking the time to put things on paper and reflect is a powerful practice. Figuring out who you want to be (and how you are going to get there) isn’t a quick process. There’s no easy answer, but doing the work is so satisfying. 

Finding who you want to be, finding the way to get there is doable even if it feels daunting. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, working with a coach and supportive community is really effective. 

Revisioning You is an intimate 5-week workshop that helps you to really uncover and connect with your inner guidance system. You’ll leave with a roadmap for who you want to be, the life you want to live and how to move ahead with more confidence. 

Let’s dig into who you want to be and how to get there >> Revisioning You

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