What do you need to hear right now? So often the answers we need are inside, but life is busy and we are bombarded with other people’s thoughts and ideas, our inner critic and general noise.

How can you tune in to your inner voice? The wise one who knows what you need to hear? How can you filter out all the noise and hear what you really need to hear?

Have a piece of paper and a pen handy, and try this:

Get quiet. Turn off your phone. Walk away from the computer. Get someone to watch your kids. Tell your partner you need some space. Take a walk outside in nature. Sit—on a chair with your feet firmly planted or on a meditation cushion. Close your eyes or soften your gaze. Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. Again. Again.

Keep breathing through “to dos” that filter through your brain and the things you remember you need to do or wanted to say to somebody. Breathe through the frustrations of day thus far and the things you should be doing instead of getting quiet.

Ask a question. It can be as simple as “What do I know right now?” Stay still. Notice what you feel in your body. Notice words or images that come into your head.

Write. Pick up your pen and write Dear [your name], at the top of the page. Write, “I want you to know …” and see what comes up. Other prompts you can try:

  • Right now, you need to know that …
  • Don’t forget that …
  • My wish for you …
  • I know you are worried about ____, but …
  • I know you scared right now, but remember …
  • You are amazing because …

A lot of us are great at listening to our inner critics. It takes more practice to listen to our own inner wisdom, our intuition, our true inner voice. Using this exercise again and again can help you tune into that voice.

I’m so curious what your inner voice has to say. If it’s not too personal, I’d love to hear what your inner voice wrote to you.

Happy Writing,


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