According to the author of this article “gratitude can be especially powerful when it’s expressed to others. Small gestures of appreciation, such as thank you notes, can make a difference.” Over the month of November, I have been talking about gratitude and thank you notes. Today, let’s write a note of thanks to a friend.

Think about a friend who makes you feel cared for in a special way or whose friendship is precious to you. Perhaps it is a friend who visited you in the hospital and made you feel cared for. Or maybe it is the friend who listens without judgement when you are sad or struggling. Or maybe it is the friend who always makes you feel seen and loved for who you are. Who is that special friend?

Open yourself up to feeling how your friend makes you feel. Notice how your body feels and how you feel emotionally when you think about a specific instance when your friend cared or listened or made you feel seen. Feel the feelings so you can bring them forth when you write.

Sit down with your computer or paper and pen. Think about how you want your recipient to feel.
Write a note to them sharing your gratitude.

Include these four things:

  • Why you are writing to them
  • What they did for you, with specific examples
  • How it made you feel when they cared for, or listened to or saw you
  • Your thanks, gratitude and love

How did it feel to share your gratitude? I’d love to know.

Happy Writing,

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