As we approach the end of the first semester of school, I have been thinking about all of the teachers in my life.

I went to a large high school in New York City. The classes regularly had 25-30 students, yet there were teachers who had an enormous impact on me and many of my classmates. One teacher who stands out for me was Mr. Watras, my music teacher. I started out in the back stands of the flute section in the symphonic band and over four years worked my way up to the front. Mr. Watras was strict and demanding, yet he cared deeply for each of us. He had a whip sharp sense of humor which he used to keep our attention. No matter how tough he was, each and every one of us respected him. What he gave me was a sense of self-esteem. He saw value in me, not just in music, but as a student. He pushed me to try harder in all of my classes. His lessons on excellence through effort have stayed with me always.

When you were a kid who was your favorite teacher? How about as an adult, is there a teacher or mentor who has touched your life in a powerful way?

What about them made you like, admire or remember them?

What did they teach you?

In what way did they impact you?

Have you told them how you feel? What if you wrote a thank you note to a teacher? Need some help? I wrote about teacher thank you notes in this Blog Post.

Happy Writing,

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