Happy Valentines Day,

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to reconnect with a good friend by writing them a letter of gratitude. Whether they live far away and you see them less often than you wish or they live next door and you see them daily, a gratitude letter is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Writing a letter of gratitude is powerful both for you and the recipient. Science tells us that showing gratitude helps us lead a more meaningful life and that after writing and sharing a gratitude letter we feel happier. That sounds good to me!

We can write gratitude letters for all kinds of gifts or experiences. But these letters can also be written to share how much the other person means to you.

Start by thinking of someone you care about who has shown you love, kindness, caring, support or gave you a special gift.

  • Visualize how you want your reader to feel when they read your letter.
  • Think how you want to feel after you have written to your friend.
  • Hold these feeling in your heart as you write.

What is it you want to tell them?
Can you think of a story or stories that show what you want to say?

Do you want to tell them that:

  • You are grateful for their friendship or how they helped you out of a difficult situation?
  • You appreciate the good advice they gave you (even if you didn’t realize it until later)?
  • How much you are grateful that they helped you get a job or gave you a special experience?

You might even write to somebody who makes your life better in a small way—like the neighbor who always clears your walkway of snow.

Whatever you are grateful for, take a minute to feel deeply what the person did for you before you start writing.

Happy Writing.

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