Dear Mom,

I see you loving your kids every day. I see you getting up in the middle of the night. I see you soothing fears and teaching lessons again and again … and again. I see you reading stories and making dinner even when you are tired. I see you trying to make meaningful memories for your kids in your own unique way.

Sometimes you wonder why you bother or if anybody even notices. They do and all you do matters. And someday, I hope your kids will tell you themselves.

So keep sharing your family stories and sitting down to dinner together and being there in your kids lives. Keep telling them and showing them that you love them.

I hope you are showered with love and appreciation on Mother’s Day and every day.



If I could, I’d get your spouse or kids to write you a letter to you for Mother’s Day. I’d walk them through choosing the best stories to share just what makes you special to them and why they love you so much.

It would go beyond the platitudes of “greatest mom ever” or “I love you to the moon and back” and get personal. It would tap into memories and moments of connection. Reading it would make you feel that connection deeply.

I know how powerful reading a letter like this is, because the best gift I’ve ever gotten as a mom was a special heartfelt  letter for my birthday from each of my kids. Each letter was different, each personal. But they had something in common:

They touched me deeply.

They made me feel seen as a mom and a person. They deepened the connections between us as I laughed and cried at the moments that they remembered and treasured.

I can’t make somebody write a letter like this to you. (You can’t make them either.) But if you want to write a letter that connects, I can help.

But the other thing I know is that writing a letter like this is deeply gratifying, so try writing one yourself.

Write a letter to your mother or a mother figure in your life. Write one to one of your mom friends.

Or write one to yourself. What do you love about parenting right now? What do you love about your kids? What makes it all worth it?  Take some time to journal about these questions.

Then write a letter from your heart that shares not only your stories and memories but the whys behind them.

Each Heart Letter should have these four parts:

  • The Why—your reason for writing
  • The Story—the memories and stories you choose to share
  • The Reflection—Your thoughts on the stories you chose: What you learned from the story, why the story is important to you, and what you’re hoping your reader will understand
  • The Love—End your letter with love

Whether you write to your mom, another mom, or yourself as a mom, tap deep into that love and your values and share them in a letter. Mother’s Day is coming up, and there is no better gift than a heartfelt letter of connection.

Ready to write your letter?

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