How Do You Flourish During Transitions?

Jun 23, 2021 | Resilience | 0 comments

This past weekend my husband and I were fortunate to be able to attend our youngest son’s graduation from college. Just a month ago we were told that we couldn’t attend or even be on campus. So being there was a huge treat and hugging Douglas in person made it even more special.

But as I sat there in the football stadium, I thought about the transition that the graduates in their caps and gowns were, and will be, going through. Some of them may be moving back to their home city or town, some may be moving far away for a job, and some may be undecided. No matter what, they’re about to go through rapid change.

The same is true for many kids of other ages, whether they’re starting high school, graduating high school or graduate school. And many kids of all ages have faced (or will face) the transition from online to in person learning.

And all of these transitions are layered with what they’ve experienced over the last 15 months.

Most years at graduation, I’d be talking about how to celebrate or how to make sure your 18 year old has certain skills and paperwork, but this time when transitions seem even more intense, I’m focusing on FLOURISHING.

What the heck is flourishing?

Flourishing captures the idea of living a life of positivity and meaning aligned with what you value. (And when it comes to our kids, that meaning is aligned with what they value).

Flourishing means choosing things that you value and that make you feel engaged and energized. That might be a lower paying job that helps you follow a calling to serve or an idea you want to pursue. It might mean a job that leaves time to play music on weekends because that’s your passion. It might mean living in an urban environment with lots going on around you … or making time to be quiet in nature. Everyone is different, so flourishing looks different. The key is knowing what you value, what you want.

Flourishing also encompasses cultivating positive emotions like gratitude, kindness and awe into your life. Noticing and savoring what’s good in your day and knowing what matters to you are also key for flourishing. Simple practices—like making a daily gratitude list, savoring your first cup of coffee instead of gulping it on the go, pausing to notice the cooler air after a storm—little moments, repeated, are part of a flourishing life. 

Flourishing does not mean a perfect or easy life. It means that you have what it takes to get through drudgery, sadness, or any challenge that comes. Learning to flourish has been life changing for my clients, my family and me. 

To your flourishing!

P.S. And here are some past posts on Celebrating Milestones, Financial Literacy and a Checklist for College aged kids. Please email me if you have questions, I love to hear from you and am here to help.


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