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Do you ever end your day and can’t remember what you did from morning until night, but you know you’re tired? 

I’m not talking about amnesia. I’m wondering about those days that end and you can’t point to anything you’ve done that really matters to you or that you enjoy. 

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of control over our day. But even when it’s one of those days, you can make time for you. And that’s not selfish. 

How, you ask? By focusing on amplifying what energizes and engages you and limiting to the bare minimum the tasks that drain or bore you.

But how do you know what to get rid of and what to make sure to keep in your day? Making a list or doing an “audit” of a few days in a row might help you see more clearly what activities, chores, commitments, or even people help you feel energized and/or engaged — and what exhausts and/or bores you.

If you already know what these activities are, make a list for yourself of “what makes me feel energized,” “what makes me feel engaged,” “what drains me,” and “what makes me feel bored.” 

If you don’t really know what would be in those four categories, do an audit for a few days. Make a note in your journal, your phone or a pad of paper each time you feel energized by an activity, or are so engaged that time feels like time is standing still. Also note moments of boredom or activities that wear you out. 

Use Your List to Turbo Charge Your Day

Now that you have your four lists, get curious about how you can tweak your day to add more of the engaged and energized items in and eliminate the boring and exhausting. Yes, we still have to pay bills, do tasks assigned to us by a boss, drive in traffic … But get curious and creative about what you can do to make small shifts.

Do you hate a certain task that your partner or co-worker doesn’t mind and vice versa. Could you trade tasks so you do one of their tasks that you enjoy but they don’t? 

For years I did the grocery shopping and hated it. I find stores overwhelming and I quickly get into decision overload. My husband doesn’t mind the grocery store but hates to meal plan or make a grocery list. Now I plan all the meals and give him a list of what to buy, and he does the shopping. This was a small shift, but we were both grateful to eliminate a task that bored or overwhelmed us and to do something we like better.

You could do the same with a co-worker. Just get curious and creative and you both win.

Adopting a more playful mindset can help you come up with ideas that you hadn’t thought of before. Watch out for ideas like “I can’t” and “I need to.” Those thoughts can make getting creative harder. 

I’d love to hear what you discovered and how you tweaked your day to make it more yours, more engaging and more energizing!

If you want more ideas on how to create an everyday you love, check out The Everyday Experience.

The Everyday Experience helped me add more of what I love and what matters to me into each day. Melanie has an incredible gift for making you feel seen and supports you in making meaningful changes.  I feel more aligned with how I want to feel and have given myself permission to say no to what doesn’t resonate. Now I make space for more of what I do want in my day. I could fit in the great exercises and supportive videos, even with my busy schedule.  

Thank you for the Everyday Experience, the content and results are great.

Megan Flatt

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