Today I invite you to notice what you’re noticing.

Did you know that as humans we’re highly attuned to notice the bad, the negative. It takes more energy to notice the good but we can cultivate this ability through intention, curiosity and openness. 

AND you can play an active role in what you choose to notice.

If you examine what creates happiness or joy for YOU you can cultivate that. We are all different, but with curiosity, openness and kindness to yourself you can start noticing your experience of your own unique personal happiness.

I invite you to notice each moment of goodness and pleasure by noting down each in a list.

These can be tiny moments, like seeing a beautiful flower on your morning walk or the pleasure of the perfectly made latte, or it could be the joy of getting a phone call and connecting in real time with a friend.

The moments can be sensory, like the sound of music or the sight of a majestic tree.

Or they can be noticing small triumphs, like figuring out how to use a new app on your phone or putting together a piece of furniture (this would be a big triumph for me) or finishing a jigsaw puzzle.

Note moments of special pleasure like laughing together with a good friend or accomplishing a challenging task either on your own or in the companionship of a collaborative team.

There is no right or wrong. Just get curious and notice.

What stops you from being present, from noticing the joy?

A friend recently told me she noticed that when she was waiting in line she’d pull out her phone. She recognized that if she resisted that impulse she could notice a lot more, especially the good things around her.

I could relate to her habit (one I struggle to break) and I have another similar “habit” of my own – letting my mind wander to what I have to do next while on nature walks. By being more intentional, I’m making an effort to quiet my mind and notice what’s around me. Last week I was rewarded for my efforts – I was blessed with seeing two whales right off the shore.

We’re still in a pandemic, but focusing on the positive can help us feel (and sleep) better and give us more capacity to handle the stress of daily life. I’ve made a promise to myself to be in the moment when I walk, to take in the smells, the sights, the sounds, to feel the awe.

Can you take the time to pause and notice? To be right there in the moment. There’s so much to be gained.

I invite you to pay close attention to those positive moments. Try writing down what you notice, what creates joy or awe for you or makes you smile. What senses are engaged? Write the list then reflect on how thinking about the moments of joy made you feel. At the end of the day, read your list. How did it feel to notice, stop and savor your moments of joy?

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