“It goes so fast.”

How many times have you heard that as a parent? In the first few years when you think you may never sleep again or shower daily or have a complete thought, each day can feel endless. But collectively, they fly by.

All of a sudden they are starting kindergarten. And you blink and they are heading to high school or a senior in high school … or, yikes, college. Graduation will be here before you know it.

Just a few months for those of you with seniors. Will you be ready? You may be in a flurry of helping them decide which college or talking about jobs or grad school with your child. Maybe you’re making travel arrangements or planning a celebration. Maybe you tear up just thinking about it … or try not to think about it yet.

But now IS the time to think about it.

There are a lot of big emotions here, big thoughts. This is a great time to start writing—or get back to it. Keeping a journal or writing a letter to friends who also have children graduating lets you process your own emotions, tap into the memories that may be coming to the surface (again and again).

Not sure about getting started? Try:

  • Jot down whatever is most on your mind when you see your child today
  • Flip through old photos and see what stories come up
  • Bite your tongue and write down all the things you feel the urge to remind, teach, or share with your kids
  • Write I remember … on the top of a page, set a timer for 5 minutes and see what comes up

But writing doesn’t have to be just for you. I bet there are things you want to say: memories to share, wisdom to impart, values to pass on, love to give to your graduating child.

You could wait until May or June and pick up a card, maybe even write a personal note in it right before the ceremony or the last thing as you are getting ready for the graduation party. Or you could take the time now to put those ideas on paper.

Graduation is a major milestone. It’s important to mark that. But I know (having been there, more than once) that when you are busiest and most emotional, it can be hard to say what you feel. It can be hard to put in words all the things you want your kids to know. You’re anticipating your child’s graduation now, but it’s still a ways away.

It will sneak up on you. Think how good you would feel if you had a letter ready for them, sharing stories about what you admire about them, what you hope for them, what you want them to know … but all shared in a way that doesn’t feel like lecturing or nagging. When you write that letter it will feel like love.

And if your child will be leaving home soon, what a wonderful time to strengthen those ties. Legacy letters are one of my favorite tools for sharing the stories and emotions that deepen connections. Legacy letters are a beautiful and impactful way to share wisdom, history, traditions, values, stories and love—all in a single page. I know you are busy, so let me show you how to make writing your letter simple, fun and meaningful.

Graduation is coming fast. Take some time to slow down, think, and share. You’ll be ready.

Legacy letters last a lifetime and help you express just how much you care for the people in your life. I invite you to grab a copy of Deepening Connections with Legacy Letters where I show you how to craft one from the heart.

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