So often we start a conversation with “How are you?” And often the answer is “fine” or “ok” and sometimes it’s “great.” But how do you really feel? How do you want to feel?

Knowing how you want to feel is motivating and magical. Knowing can inspire action and act as a guide for what you do each day. But knowing takes getting quiet and listening to that powerful voice inside you, that voice that knows and loves you. It takes quieting your inner critic – the one who says “that’s not possible,” or “who are you to get to feel that way,” or “that’s stupid.”

I invite you to think about these questions and journal without judgement. Just grab a pen and paper and let it rip. Write, just let it out.

How do you want to feel?

Why is this feeling important?

What will help make you feel this way?

What would happen if you felt that way?

What magic might happen?

I’d love to hear about how it felt to connect with that voice that knows and loves you – your inner mentor, and what you discovered about how you want to feel.

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