Journal with Me: Family Stories

Nov 17, 2021 | Connection | 0 comments

In last week’s blog, I shared how stories help you build and deepen connection within your family and with friends as well. 

The holidays are approaching, and this is a great time to share stories with family and friends and ask questions to learn more. 

Somewhere between “Pass the potatoes” and groaning over the last slice of pie, there should be time for family stories. But how do you get started?

Go first. Start sharing stories yourself. Others will often join in. You can also ask questions to encourage others to share their stories. You might start with something easy, a story you know somebody likes to tell, and then ask other questions with curiosity and compassion. 

Want to dive into family stories today? Grab some paper and try one of these:

  • Write down a family story you love. It can be one you love to tell or one you love to hear. Get down as many details as you can. Then get curious. What questions do you have about this story? Who could you ask? 
  • Make your own list of questions for people in your family. What do you wonder about? What stories have they hinted at that you are curious about? 

Bring your questions to your holiday gathering (this works live or virtual). 

Need some more questions or encouragement to ask for family stories? I’ve got you covered, grab my eBook Family Stories – Questions to Ask Your Loved Ones, it’s free. 

You get to define what family means to you. “Family” can mean anything from you and your partner to a large blended group of relatives or even a chosen family of close friends. No matter what, sharing stories is fun and creates deeper connections.

Missed my workshop on sharing stories through letters? You can grab my eBook Deepening Connections With Letters here.

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