Kindness matters. I bet you can remember an act of kindness somebody did for you, even something really small that made a difference. 

Maybe it lifted your mood on a hard day, got you through a challenging moment or period in your life, or helped you move forward in a time of upheaval or transition. 

Journal with Me

Today try these journaling ideas:

  • Make a list of kind things people have done for you (recently or anytime in your life)
  • Pick one of those acts of kindness and describe it in detail. Write about what that act meant to you and how it impacted you. 

What Kindness Does

If you did the journaling prompts or even just thought about them, you might have felt in your body the effects of kindness. Warmth maybe. A little relaxation around the shoulders. A bit of relief or smile creeping on your face. Kindness has a big impact, whether you are on the giving or receiving end.

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