Yesterday was my beautiful daughter’s birthday, and it was also the first day of mandatory lock down for the Bay Area. We are to stay in our homes except for a few exceptions (to buy food for example). My older son and his girlfriend arrived a few days ago for their “spring break” from grad school and now they will be staying indefinitely. My younger son came home for his spring break and now his college classes will be via video and he will take them from here. Disorienting and unsettling, yet I feel so much gratitude for  having my clan around me where we can support each other.

My heart goes out to each of you and hope that you and yours are well.

Last week I wrote about how knowing what matters to you is the secret sauce to achieving your goals and dreams. And this week, maybe that seems not very relevant. But I believe in times of crisis knowing who you are and how you want to show up matters even more.

The news is filled with stories of people hoarding or not following recommended practices like social distancing, but I want to focus on the many folks who are taking this time to reach out and help each other. I have many emails in my inbox offering free help or checking in and I’ve texted and talked with friends more than usual.

Connection is critical now, we need to support each other. What that looks like for each person will be different. I like to talk to my friends right now even as I have loved writing to them in the past. Maybe being on social media feels good to you. We are all different in how we react. The important thing is to approach each other and ourselves with compassion and love.

How can you figure out what will help you feel more centered and also authentic in this time of uncertainty? The first step is to get curious and ask questions.

Look back on what you did today and journal about the following questions:

  • What’s the smallest things I can find delight in? For me that means still going outside, breathing the fresh air or playing with my dog or reading.
  • What feels like it’s missing from your day? How can you honor that and add something in? My husband loves the gym, that’s out for now. But he found a workout online and did it in the house.
  • How can you take one small step towards adding in that missing piece or do something that honors one of your values or makes you feel more steady? For me that means offering some free classes and get togethers on line.

The next step is to take just one small step to adjust. Add in one small thing that helps you feel some lightness or gratitude. Remove something that doesn’t make you feel better. Small steps over time add up.

I invite you to download my 7 Days of Gratitude Guide. It’s a great way to discover quick and easy gratitude practices that can increase positivity and make you feel the power of gratitude. Small bits of gratitude add up, too.

Wishing you and yours health. With gratitude,


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