Happy Spring. Here in the Bay Area we are finally done having our normal winter weather –  rain and cool temperatures. But it is officially spring and April is just around the corner. That means we are about to finish the first quarter of 2018. Wow, that happened fast.

Before you jump in to April, I ask you to pause. This week’s writing prompt asks you to look back over the first three months of this year and see how far you have come.

Often we forget to acknowledge our achievements. We finish a task or reach a goal and we move on. One of my favorite NYTimes writers, Carl Richards, says : “Remember to stop every once in a while and look back at where you started. We often get so focused on the goal that is still way over the horizon that we forget to turn around to see how far we’ve come.”

And “achievements” don’t even have to be doing things, they can be feelings as well, for example of gratitude and connection.

Here’s your writing exercise:


Look back over the past three months, notice and make a list of:

What you feel proud of, what you achieved?

Did you start a new exercise program and stick with it? Did you learn something new? Remember to notice the small things – I finally figured out how to use voice dictation in the text app on my phone. Not a big deal, but it saves me a ton of time given how slowly I type. And figuring out something technical made me feel competent.

Who you connected with?

Did you get closer with a friend or make a new friend or go to a group activity you found meaningful? I recently joined a new women’s group. It was scary for me as I am naturally shy, but the women I have met have been so warm and interesting. Doing this gave me the courage to reach out to collaborate with one of the women.

What you are grateful for?

Was it a beautiful walk on the beach, a friend helping you out, knowing you are loved? I am close to my brother and sister but we live far away from each other and from our parents. Recent health issues with our mom has required us to work closely together. I am so grateful for their support and how the experience has helped us grow closer and work as a team.


Look at your list and write about how you FEEL when you read it. Then choose one thing on your list and write about it.


Write down some goals, ways to connect and how you want to feel for spring.

And when spring rolls in to summer… REPEAT.

Happy Writing.

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