Last week, I wrote about creating your own roadmap to a life you love using writing. Today, I want to explore the idea of mapping what you want some more.

Usually when I share writing prompts with you, I suggest freewriting—writing without worrying about finding the right word or spelling or punctuation. Writing what comes to you even if it doesn’t seem to make sense and may not even seem related to the topic at hand. I use this kind of writing regularly to get ideas on the page, and I highly recommend it.

Today, I encourage you to try a different way of getting ideas on the page: mind mapping.

Write your focus in the center. Try: Life I Love, My Life, I Love, or I Want.

From here, you’ll add spokes and additional circles, each filled in with a detail. Maybe Life I Love brings you to family, friends, down time, time in nature, writing, work with a purpose … What comes to mind with each of those?

The Friends circle might lead you to connect up names of friends or a place where you’ll gather. It might have you jotting down happy memories or ways friends have supported you.

You can add layer upon layer. You can go back and add new layers to your central circle. Keep going until you run out of time or ideas. Click here to see the start of a mind map I’m working on.

From here, you can choose something—a specific circle or a section of the web—on your map to freewrite about. You can see what patterns and ideas emerge for you. It’s just a different way to get ideas down.

What do you think of mind mapping?

Happy Writing,


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