Recently I reconnected with a friend I hadn’t been in touch with since early college days. We knew each other as little kids through our late teens. We spent the summers in the same little town, both working for the recreation department as swim instructors, dishing ice cream at the local clam shack and then waitressing in our college summers. And then we lost touch.

But somehow a mutual friend reconnected us in this season of Covid and disconnection. It’s been decades, yet our phone call went on for hours with laughter and “remember when’s” as well as some sadness over aging parents and current events. It felt warm and wonderful like a soft blanket. The experience has encouraged me to reach out to other “old” friends, to reconnect and savor our memories together.

Right now we need more connection in our lives. Do you find it hard to reach out? Can you remind yourself of how good it will feel to contact a friend or call a family member to say hi and catch up? Here are some thoughts to journal about:

  • Have you reconnected with a friend or reached out to someone you didn’t know well but want to know better? How did that feel?
  • Write about a time you reached out or somebody reached out to you in person or through a call or letter. How did it feel to connect?
  • How can you add more connection into your week?
  • Is there a habit you can create to remind you to reach out and connect?

P.S. In last week’s blog, I encouraged you to write a letter to a friend. If you’re interested in learning the art of letter writing, check out my eBook Deepening Connections or sign up now for my next letter writing workshop.

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