As the seasons change, energy changes too. While this summer felt different than any summer I’ve ever lived, and fall is missing many of the usual markers too, I’m still feeling something stirring in me. A change, a shift. Do you feel it too? 

Journal with Me

Try one of these journaling prompt: 

Right now I’m called or drawn to …

Right now I really want to …

What’s energizing me right now … / Where I want to put my energy right now …

You can just make a list. You can start a list and expand on one or all of the items. You can pick one thing and go into great detail. 

Reflect on your response. Are you honoring your energy right now? What is one thing you could do to follow where your energy wants to flow right now?

Knowing what really matters to you, what makes you feel energized and engaged - is the first step to having a life you love.
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