Small acts of kindness help us practice love, generosity and compassion, and they also act as a positive feedback loop helping us grow caring and inner strength. 

And kindness is catching (in a good way). 

Studies show that a person who receives kindness is likely to be kinder to 5 people in the next 24 hours. Think about the pebble in the lake creating ripples. You do one act of kindness for one person and then that person does 5 acts of kindness, and those 5 people do 5 acts each. Your one act of kindness can create 125 (1 x 5 x 5 x 5) acts of kindness. WOW! You have the power to spread a whole lot of kindness.

But what about small acts of kindness that others have shared with you? Do you pause to really feel that kindness, to let it in?

Step 1
Think back over the last few days or weeks. When has someone done a small act of kindness for you? Make a list of as many acts as you can remember.

Step 2

Pause and feel how writing and reading over your list feels. What do you notice?

Step 3

Choose one kindness done for you and reflect and journal on that act of kindness. 

Psychology, philosophy and ancient wisdom confirm that writing AND reflecting on your experiences can enhance mental health and happiness and help you find deeper meaning. One thing that helps achieve those results is to create concrete positive memories through using sensory details. 

As you look at your list, pause to really feel each experience, close your eyes, feel it in your body, remember to focus on your senses: I see …, I hear …, I smell …, I feel …, I taste…. This will allow you to create a strong memory. Now choose one kindness and write down these details and your feelings for the act of kindness.

How did it feel to write? Did you feel an enhanced connection with the person who was kind to you? Did writing remind you of the kindness given to you? Did it make you feel happiness or something else? 

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