Welcome to 2019! What will this year have in store for you? While I don’t have a crystal ball, I love to dream and get intentional about what I want to do in the new year—and what I’m ready to let go of.
Journaling or freewriting is a great way to gain some clarity. So embrace this fresh start and spend a little time writing about the growth you’d like to see and what areas of your life you’d like to give some attention to this year.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and list parts of your life that you’d like to change in some way. It could be a bad habit you want to break, thoughts that are holding you back, a toxic relationship you want to end or a relationship you’d like to strengthen, things you love to do but haven’t been making time for, a new job … whatever changes you want to see.

Look at your list. Is there a particular area of your life that needs attention? Relationships, work, family, health, mindset? Or maybe you need more laughter in your life or adventure or time to daydream?

Pick one of the things from your list and write about what your life would be like if you made this change. Write in the present tense as if the change has already been made. (“I hike the hills by my house every day” instead of “I would hike …”) Get specific. Use sensory details capture your life with this change.

What steps can you take to start making this change? Take one today. Reread this vision of your life. Come back to it again and again to inspire you as make a fresh start this year.
Wishing you,

Happy Writing.


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