Last week I wrote about focusing on connecting to your ideal life – on how living the life YOU want to live means reconnecting to what you feel is important. One exercise I mentioned was exploring what you value. If you missed the blog, the exercise is HERE.

The exercise is not about changing your life per se, it is about exploring what’s important to you, how you want to feel and what you want to do in the next day, week, month or year. Writing is one fantastic way to continue that exploration.

1.  Do you remember a time you had to make a choice or decision and you stayed true to what’s important to you and/or used your values to help guide you in making your choice? How did that feel?

These situations seem to come up often. Sometimes they are major decisions and sometime just part of our day to day. I love to exercise but I have to push myself every day to start, once I start I’m fine, but I always resist because I am “busy”. But if I remind myself that exercise is not only important for me (value – HEALTH) but also for my family, as I am sooo much kinder after I exercise (value – Kindness and Caring), starting is easier.

2. How about a time you had a hesitation or reservation about a choice or doing something but you said yes or didn’t stay true to what’s important to you or your values. How did that feel?

I have a sign over my desk that says “Remember to say NO to the things that you do not love so you can say YES to the things you really do love.”

There’s only so much time in each day. Doing the things that feel authentic and give your life purpose and joy (in your opinion) has an impact on your sense of meaning.

3. Is there a decision or choice you have to make right now that would benefit from looking at what you value, what energizes you and makes you feel true to yourself?

Please tell me about it by hitting reply. I read every email and will reply.

Happy writing,

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