What do you want more of in your life? It’s a good question, and maybe you have an answer. If not, I encourage you to think about it or do some journaling on that, because getting really clear on what you want in your life is the first step to having a life you love more. 

Do you want more creativity or adventure or laughter? Do you want more reading or dancing or travel? Do you just want more down time or offline time or time to yourself? Would more beauty or nature or connection bring you joy? Name what you want more of. 

Then take a minute to notice where the things you want already show up in your life. Do you read before bed, but wish you could turn more than a page or two? Do you Zoom with the friends you used to meet for lunch? Do you walk the trail by your house every weekend? 

How can you build on that? Could you go to bed a little earlier to get in a full chapter — or even read in the morning instead? If Zoom isn’t the connection you want, could you walk and chat with a friend or would a phone call feel better? Could you walk in nature every day or even go outside every day, and notice the sun or lack thereof, the temperature, what’s growing, what’s on the verge …

What Can You Let Go Of? 

Adding more of what you want in your day can help you love your life even more, but releasing things helps too. 

Letting go of things you don’t love helps in two ways. First, you stop using energy for things that don’t engage you or energize you. Is there a volunteer position that drains you? Let it go. Run because you know you should exercise even though you hate it? Let it go. A book group that isn’t working for you over Zoom or that no longer interests you? You know what to do … let it go. 

Things we don’t want are a drain, whether they are things we started because we felt we should or things we once loved that no longer serve us. Releasing things we don’t want often feels like a big exhale, like our shoulders going down. You may feel more energetic or brighter just from releasing. 

But releasing things does something else. It opens up time. Now, empty time has a way of getting sucked up and filled in pretty quickly. So as you get ready to release, think about what you want to do with that time. Look at your list of what you want. Do you want to do art during the time you would have gone to that board meeting? Try the outside yoga class instead of your morning run? Take a class instead of that book group? 

Or just block off that time, hold it for yourself. Let yourself fill it with what feels good, but hold it for you. You deserve it, and when you fill your time with things that energize you and light you up, that plays out in the rest of your life too. 

Getting really clear on what you want, deciding what and how to release something, setting yourself up for more of what you want, less of what you don’t … and the why behind all that, you core values, your strengths, the things that energize and engage you … we dig deep into all of this in Revisioning You. Over the course of 5 weeks you’ll create a roadmap to a life you truly love, every day. Feeling a pull toward change, toward an authentic life that lights you up? This is for you: https://wellfleetcircle.com/revisioning-you/

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