Stuck for holiday gift ideas? Feeling like so many people don’t need more stuff? Looking for something that replaces getting together this year? 

What if you could use your words to help another person feel how you want them to feel? That they are loved, cherished, admired and supported.  

What if you could share with them why they’re so special to you, what you love or admire about them, or how they’ve impacted your life in a positive way. Or show why you’re truly grateful for something they did or just having them in your life.

You can give them a gift that does all that. A letter — one designed to connect with a special person in a deeply meaningful way. 

It sounds like a lot to get on a single piece of paper, but I promise you can do this. And it will have a huge impact on the recipient (and you!) 

Show Your Feelings in a Letter This Holiday Season

A few years back my dad (Pa) turned 90. I asked all of my siblings, their children, cousins, aunts, uncles and close family friends to write him a letter telling him through stories what they loved and admired most about Pa, how he helped them along the way, what impact he had and why they loved him. 

My dad is not the sentimental type, but he told me that the book of letters was the best gift he ever received. The book’s worn cover is evidence that it’s been read often. Those letters had a lasting impact on Pa and on all of us, deepening the connections and love we shared.

By giving a letter, you are giving memories, appreciation, and love. You’re strengthening connections, at a time when many of us are feeling fraying or disconnect. 

Can you imagine writing to your child to encourage them during this hard time, showing them how much you admire their resilience? Or writing to a parent or friend you usually get to see during the holidays? How about a friend who has supported and encouraged you or a teacher who’s gone above and beyond for your kids … The opportunities to share your love, admiration, gratitude and support are myriad.

How to Write a Letter to Connect

I want this to be easy for you, so here are some ideas to get you started:

  • How do you want to make your reader feel (loved, seen, appreciated, cared for …)?
  • Recall the way the person made you feel through their kind actions, support, or thoughtful gift.
  • Think through why the person matters to you and what stories from your shared experience will help you say that.
  • Tell them why you’re writing, share stories from your times together that show what you want to tell them, reflect on why those stories matter, and then share your love and gratitude.

I know how it feels to receive a letter like the ones we wrote to Pa because my husband and kids have written them to me (and friends too for my recent big birthday). Their letters show me that they know me to my core and reflect back to me the special times we have shared. I treasure these letters. And I know whomever you write to will as well.

Who can you touch? Who can you honor? Let them feel your love, admiration and gratitude – write them a letter from your heart and deepen your connections.

These letters are more than just pieces of paper; they’re gifts better than anything you can buy.

Letters last a lifetime and help you express just how much you care for the people in your life. If you aren’t sure where to start, I invite you to grab a copy of Deepening Connections with Legacy Letters where I show you how to craft one from the heart.

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