Summer has so much potential. For me it is a time in one of my favorite places, Wellfleet, a place I’ve spent summers for decades. It is a time to be outside and enjoy nature. It’s a time for my family to come together. It’s a time that feels a little lighter and more carefree than the rest of the year … at least in theory.

Summer can also be a time of upheaval when regular routines are out the door. Vacation sounds great, but there’s the packing and making arrangements and taking care of all the things before you leave … and then laundry and catching up when you get back. There are barbecues and parties to go to, houseguests to entertain, local haunts to visit …


Before you know it the summer can get away from you. It helps to take time to think about what you want out of the summer. If you are thinking about what your family wants this summer, a family meeting is a great way to work that out and plan your family bucket list. But take some time to think about yourself too.


Set an Intention for Your Summer

rigTo make a plan for just you, do a little writing to explore your ideas. Set a timer and freewrite about these questions:

  • How do I want to feel this summer? (Calm, energized, adventurous, rested …)
  • What places, events, people do I most want to part of my summer?
  • What dreams (big or little) are simmering for this summer?
  • What would I like to put aside or let go of this summer?

If you want to feel calm or less rushed this summer, a vacation where you laze on the beach or sit on a porch reading might suit you more than a major sightseeing trip. Maybe you know you want your downtime in the summer and so limit the events you say yes to to just your favorites.

Tap into your values. While our core values may not change a lot, they may move up and down in importance at different times in your life. Try doing a values exercise to see what’s most important to you in this season of your life. Use the exercises in What Do You Want More Of  to help you gain clarity.

Once you’ve gotten clear on what you want this summer, go beyond setting an intention … get intentional. Block off time in your calendar for travel, adventures, visitors, gardening, down time … whatever it is you want in your life. Respond to invitations that you’ve been mulling over because you know you don’t want to go. Sign up for tennis lessons or a pool membership or that writing class you’ve been too busy for.

Summer is just beginning. What is it going to look like for you? How are you going to make that happen?

Tell me one thing you want to be part of your summer or one way you want most to feel. I really want to know. Just hit reply and tell me.

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