It’s January, a time when we are encouraged to sit down and plan our goals for the year. So much has been written about resolutions and setting goals, but even if we really want to follow our resolutions or achieve our goals, we often fail. In fact, I recently read that over 88% of people fail at resolutions before they can effect change.

I’m all for planning, but there’s often a missing step that should happen first. Thinking about how you want to feel is the first step for planning goals that are meaningful to you. And starting with how you want to feel (and why) helps you keep going when things get tough.

It turns out that focusing on how you want to feel is a better motivator than what you want to get done.

If you want to write a book, for example, identifying that you want to feel creative and productive, and then focusing on those feelings, will give you momentum to keep writing.

If you want to feel connection, focusing on your desire for that feeling will help remind you to reach out to friends and family. 

And if those feelings are tied to your core values (maybe creativity or connection isn’t just how you want to feel but something you value deeply), that’s another way to stay motivated toward your goals. 

So take a few minutes to journal on these questions: 

How do you want to feel in 2021?

What will make you feel this way?

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