I love how writing brings me clarity about what I care deeply about, want, believe. Writing can help us understand what matters most.

Knowing your core values helps you make decisions, stand firm in tough times, set boundaries, and embrace the things you truly want in your life. While our values may stay the same, the priority of specific core values or the goals we link to that value may change. And sometimes our values are in conflict with each other. Writing is one way to grapple with this challenge.

Today, try getting clear on your core values — and what that really means to youright now.

  1. Get the core values list and choose the 8–10 from the list that immediately appeal to you as your values. Don’t overthink this. Follow your gut and know that you can do this exercise again and again.
  2. Write the 8–10 values you chose in random order.
  3. Next to each core value, write an “I believe” sentence. For example, if the core value is nature, you might write, “I believe nature has the power to instill both calm and wonder, so I take time to be in it and act to protect it.” Use your own words, there are no wrong answers and you can keep this to yourself.

Choose one of your core values and the “I believe” statement to dig into a little more. Freewrite on one or more of these questions:

  • When is a time I acted based on this value?
  • When is a time I was out of alignment with this value?
  • What decisions have I made based on this value?

Choose one of the times you thought about in your freewrite. Really put yourself in that situation. Use sensory details to make your memory more concrete. Reflect on the situation and why it matters.

This reflection may serve as a reminder to you as you face challenges to your value in the future or you may want to share it with your children or somebody in your life to show what matters to you.

I’d love to hear what resonated or challenged you with this prompt. You can always hit reply to share.

Happy Writing,

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