You might wonder why in the world I would choose to write about renewal at this particular moment. Yes, we’re stuck inside and the world is upside down. I feel all of that, and there are days when I struggle to find the good, the joyful, something to renew my spirit.

But I’m persisting in finding ways to stay positive, learn something new, celebrate the arrival of spring, because to not do so will lead us down a dark path. We’re in a time of great change, yet we can still dream of a better future and also create more positive energy, joy and gratitude in each day.

I invite you to think about what renews your spirit, what makes you feel alive, full of meaning, grateful — even now. Can you add a little bit of playfulness and dreaming into your day — open up space for renewal?

Paul Cézanne once said “Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience.” 

What are some small actions that, if you made them part of your daily routine, would make a positive difference? How can you plan to make this happen? How would your life be different?

How do you renew your body, mind and spirit? How has this changed during the pandemic?  

What do you do to find renewal and regrowth in your life? 

Journal about your ideas, feel what it feels to find some space for renewal.

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