Have you ever had somebody reach out to you that you hadn’t connected with in a while, to say I’m thinking of you or let’s get together or remember the time we …? 

Have you ever had somebody you know casually or peripherally in a group reach out to say that something you posted touched them or that they’re cheering you on in a goal or sending a hug or prayers for something hard you’re going through?  

How did that feel? 

I know when it’s happened to me I’ve felt connected, seen, held. I feel it in my body – a smile, a lowering of my shoulders, a warm glow around my heart, maybe even emotional tears. I hope, and think it’s likely, that people feel the same way when I reach out to them. Last week, I talked about ways to connect or reconnect

Today, let’s journal on times we have reconnected and get ourselves into how that feels. Start by journaling on these prompts. 

1. Make a list of people who’ve reached out to you either recently or in the past.
AND, you could also list people you’ve reached out to. Jot down a brief note about how you reached out. (Kaia emailed me about walking, Julie texted to set up a hike, Ella—sent her a note when her mom died, Robin—FB message after not talking in 10 years,). You can focus on recently or think back through your life to times of connection or reconnection.

2. Dig deeper into one connection from your list.
Pick one positive connection from your list, one that felt great. Think back on your experience. Where were you when you got the message? Describe the moment—was the sun on your back when you pulled a note out of your mailbox? Were you exhausted and bleary eyed after a long night when their text dinged? How did you feel when you saw that they had connected somehow (excited, curious, happy …?) How did you feel when you actually read/heard their message? Where did you feel it in your body? Get down as much detail as you can. 

Getting into that connected feeling is important, because sometimes it’s hard to reach out. We don’t know what to say. We’re not sure if or how the person will respond. But when we start from a feeling of connecting, we can more easily break through and reach out — and when we do reach out, that’s where the magic can happen. 

Who can you connect with today?

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